He would be her cuckolding boyfriend & learn to get off on giving in to her demands.

No surprise Ali was into Cuckolding. My friend Ali has always been a queen bee. She has had guys swarm around her since high school and I can understand why. She is hot. Tall and blond with big tits- anyone could fall into her web. I knew that her new boyfriend David did not have a chance.

Cuckolding… well, it happened gradually with them. Ali would start leaving David at home to go out with other people. David would stay home and clean up, imagining Ali’s soft wet pussy and what she was doing with it. He would masturbate to the idea of being left alone. Ali took advantage of this. She wanted him to need her. She knew he wouldn’t leave her and her hot body.

Now Ali has completely taken over David’s will to be a man. She will tell him she is going out with other guys. She fucks guys with bigger black dicks than his and then tells him about it.

When I tell her that I think she should be nicer to David, she just laughs. “Sara, you don’t get guys like him. He is a pathetic loser and wants to be treated like crap. He gets off on it. He’s lucky that I talk to him.” I was surprised when David agreed. “Can’t wait till she lets me watch her fuck a guy. I want to clean her pussy when they are finished. I just hope she lets me cum.” he excitedly said to me.

So I could tell he is happy with their situation and gets off on being humiliated. Oh well, I thought. As long as they are happy.

Let cuckolding you be my pleasure! I can treat you like the pathetic loser that you are!