Freshly Fucked by His Best Friend.

I have never been the type of girl to stay with one man.  That doesn’t mean I have not had boyfriends from time to time.  I just get so bored and need a little extra excitement in my life.  Besides, the guys I date always have really fucking hot friends that I just can not keep my eyes or body off of.

  There is a thrill that comes from making a man eat another man’s cum from my pussy.  I come home from fucking his best friend, pussy dripping wet, and filled with cum.  My boyfriend is just sitting there waiting for his turn.  I get even more turned on as he kisses my neck, working his way down my tight body.  How can he not smell the scent of another man on me?  How does not he know I just got fucked?

  He dips his head down between my legs.  Removing my panties, he thinks he is why I am so fucking wet.  His first taste drives him wild.  He tells me I taste so good and he dives in for more.  In my head, I am laughing, but his tongue licking that cum from my cream filled cunt feels so good.  My puffy pussy lips should have been a dead giveaway too, but he doesn’t even notice.

  Next, he bends me over.  He slides his hard thick cock inside my wet pussy, pushing that cum deep inside.  The more I think of his hard cock coating in cum the more I moan and scream.  I cum all over again thinking about their cum mixing together.  When we are done, he looks over to me with a smile.  He really thinks he is the reason I came so hard. Silly boy!

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