FREE Sissy Sex Adventure – Well, it’s *almost* free. You’re on sale today for 50% off, Miss Sissy!

That’s right, sissygirl; it’s time to experience your FREE sissy sex adventure! In celebration of reaching your final stage of sissy training, we are having a Sissy Challenge! You know those peeps who stand on street corners in busy intersections, bouncing around with some kind of banner or sign in order to advertise whatever amazing sale a nearby store is having?

Of course, reading my kinky sex stories about being exposed and turned out as the dirty little sissygirl just makes your clitty stand up and WAVE, isn’t that right?! It’s better if you just admitted it now, slut!

Did you dress in your most feminine, most sissy regalia for our free sissy sex adventure this afternoon? Of course, you did, pretty girl!

Clearly, you were a smart sissy to obey my command “to get all gussied up.” Not only does it make your Mistress happy, but you realize that your final test today will be to stand out there in front of the zillions of passersby and attract everyone’s attention! After all, you want everyone to cum, er, COME to our Fabulous Sissy Sale, don’t you?

What? Are you afraid to strut out there in your sweet, pink ruffled dress, matching hair bows, fishnet stockings, and peep-toe stilettos? What’s the problem, fucktoy? After all, it’s not as if they can see the satiny, frilly sissy panties you’re wearing (not YET, anyway!). Speaking of your panties, what do you think of the design? Specifically, won’t that lacy fuckhole be convenient for all that fucking you’re about to do, girlie?

Clearly, you’ve just realized that you now have the starring role in one of my fave forced feminization, very public, real sex stories! Oooh, is -this- thought niggling at the back of your mind yet? In other words, are you worried that someone might recognize you because you’re not wearing your usual, daily (read: mundane!) clothes? Oopsie!

Omg, what if your boss or your neighbors saw you standing out here on the corner like a common street trollop?

Even worse (or better?), what if some of your wife’s friends witness your “public sissy debut” and therefore tell your honey ALL about what they’re seeing right now? Someone’s gonna be in trouble, hahaha!

Speaking of that, how WILL you explain if someone you know approaches you? Mmm, I know! Obviously, you’ll say this: “I’m a little sissy whore who belongs exclusively to my beautiful Goddess Angel, but she’s whoring me out today. That being said, would you like to buy me for whatever you want?”

Are you girl enough to meet my challenge? Time to find out!

Because seriously, it’s time to reveal your true sissy desires to the world, isn’t it?! But of course, if you’re gonna continue to be a whiny little sissy bitch about it, there’s a quick solution!  Since you’re obviously begging for it, I’ll just lock those hands behind you in a pretty lace restraint sleeve or even some pink rope.

In addition, we’ll finish up your new look with a huge BBC gag stuffed in your mouth. And just so we keep things simple, I won’t actually LOCK the gag onto your face. Why? Well, because otherwise, those “comers” wanting to shove a hard dick down your throat will just have to fuck your sissy cunt instead. But then again, perhaps that’s what you’re secretly craving for your very first, free sissy sex adventure!

Oh wait, that’s going to happen regardless! And for the finishing touch, you’ll mince your way out there with a sign or two announcing that both of your sissy fuckholes are “open for business,” woohoo! The signs will read something like this, what do you think?

“Why jerk off? I’m for sale at 50% off, today only! If you’d like to test the merchandise first, my Mistress has helpfully ‘left the back door open.’ Enjoy!”

Yes, that’s correct, sissyslut. Realistically, you didn’t think I’d let you get your pretty panties torn or soiled, did you? That will probably happen anyway due to all those strangers groping you, but who cares? It’s “Sissy Time,” baby!

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