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I was shocked by the massive dick he was holding in his hand.  It had to be 9 inches long and at least 3 inches thick! I was scared when I first looked at it, but my friends had licked my pussy into submission. Acting as if I were an animal, I was going to do anything to get to cum!! I laid on my back on the library table and my friends held my legs high in the air. This man was quick to get in between my luscious legs and started rubbing his cock up and down my slit!

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The stranger took no time thrusting his cock deep into me.  I was so shocked by getting filled up so much that I squirted all over his thick dick.  I could see Sam and Amanda were enjoying themselves, but I quickly realized they were getting jealous. Sam climbed onto the table and rubbed my clit while I was getting my pussy stretched around this massive dick!  Eagerly, I pulled her hips over to me. I desperately wanted to taste her pussy juice, too. I love being a bunch of kinky little college girls fucking!

Sam mounted my face and I could taste her juice flowing down my throat while she busted squirts all over my pussy.  Meanwhile, Amanda was making out with this Peeping Tom! Next thing I know Amanda pushed this guy’s cock out of me and sat him in the chair next to Sam and me.  She started riding his cock while he sucked on her perfect tits!! At the same time, Sam bent down and we started 69ing while Amanda was showing off her cowgirl skills.

I looked down and saw Amanda’s pussy juices drip down this guy’s hips.  He was loving every second of all this free sex!!

Amanda was dying to try the cock that just made her friends squirt all over the place, so she grabbed Sam’s hand to pull her off his cock and bent over for the man.  He took no time grabbing her by her hips and slamming his thick cock into her. She bounced her juicy ass up and down his massive dong while Sam sat above her, letting her legs drop on either side of Amanda’s face.  Amanda started burying her face into Sam’s pussy while she was getting pounded from behind.

Next thing we know this man starts to groan and pulls his dick out of Sam and sprayed his cock juice all over all of us.  We made a show of licking it off of each other for him. This Stranger left the library with a smile, and I’m sure he still fantasizes to this day about the free sex he got from the college whores at the library!!

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