Free Sex Story About Double Pussy Private School Fundraiser

Okay, so I admit, it probably wasn’t the nicest thing to do. Although this free sex story does have a happy ending. Tell me just what are too hot babes that are totally board supposed to do other than fuck with men? I mean, when it comes to Mallory and I that is exactly what we know how to do. We are a pair of expert troublemakers, just looking for our next thrill. What should we happen to find as our next thrill you’re asking yourself. Well, we were honestly minding our own business when we overheard talk of a private school golf charity fundraiser. The point of a fundraiser was to raise profits for children who couldn’t afford private school education. Kind of like a scholarship.

Free Sex Story About Double Pussy Private School Fundraiser

So, Mallory and I took this as our hint that we needed to be present at this private school fundraising event. Mallory giggled to herself, knowing that one of her cousins went to that very place. She thought it would be a very good idea if we both got dressed up in her uniform and jazzed bit with our own flair. Then, we could head to the golf course and raise our own funds. The two of us were absolutely fucking smoking in these uniforms. There would be no way for any man to resist us. Not to mention, we weren’t even wearing panties. It was rainy that day, however, that would still not ruin our fun. So with all of the horny studs are out playing golf, Mallory and I began flashing them our cunts and asses.

“…Mallory and I began flashing them our cunts and asses.”

It was amazing how many men are willing to miss a shot for a flash of pussy. We told all the guys that whoever won or donated the most money to the charity would get a fun special date night with Mary and I. After all, they could see for themselves the goods were very very good. So we played around on the golf course teasing and tempting making it hard for them to actually get anywhere in the game. That way the only way they’d be able to win our affection, was ponying up the dough. And that’s what they did! They thought and silently auctioned us off between each other. I would have to say though, the lucky man did get a double duo of cum sluts. Honestly, he probably has never had something so perfect in his life.

It really was a win-win for everyone. Call Mallory and I find out all the dirty details of exactly what happens between the three of us.

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