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Growing up, I have always been more of the nerdy girl. More into my studies and video games than boys. Boys my age are so stupid and immature, so why would I have any interest in them. So needless to say, I had straight A’s and played video games in my free time. But luckily, from my parents, I had good genes. A tight sexy bubble butt, a handful of tits and a flat stomach to go along with my pretty face.

As the years progressed, I became more into my studies and video games. Earning myself only a few friends but a full scholarship to the college of my choice. So, it is time for prom, and without ever having a boyfriend or any friends that are boys, I decide to stay home.

And that’s where this story really starts.

I am wearing a tight pink t-shirt and short black shorts as I sit in my room playing a video game on the night of the prom. I hear a knock on my door and allow my Dad in. We talk and he brings up the subject of prom and why I’m not there. After my response about my opinion about boys, he decided to offer me a real prom experience, if he can beat me in a video game.

I decide to pick Tekken 7. Thinking Daddy won’t have a chance of beating in this new fighting game. Daddy sits next to me and I easily win the first fight. However, Daddy steps up his game and beats me the next two without a sweat. After his victory, Daddy closes the door and smiles at me. “It’s time for your real prom experience little girl. Take your clothes off for me.’

Let’s just say, after that night, I will gladly be powered by Daddy again.

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