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This free sex story is just an introduction of my expensive taste I know cash loser like you love. So listen up piggy, because this is no longer a fantasy! This is your reality, I am your reality. I am the princess that owns your wallet and you’ll be hooked on me before you realize it. You see, not giving me money is theft. It’s my money and you have absolutely no right to keep it.

It starts by asking yourself if you are a little loser in disguise. There are many ways to find out, my favorite one is to drop your pants. Yes, drop them, if your cock is not alpha standards and there’s nothing else for you to be but my cash pig. I will let you explore the levels of my greed. I won’t start slow, I want you on your knees with your wallet wide open for me. I take what I want, and leave you what seems appropriate, and most of the time you don’t deserve anything. I will though let you worship me. Which I know will be your favorite part.

How should you worship me, you ask? By serving me, by being obedient a d by giving me tributes, loser! DUH! Only after I’ve deemed it, okay you can stroke your tiny little pathetic piece of skin. Give me $$$. Stroke. Repeat! That will be your life with me pig. I rule you, so bow down and pay up. And remember that after a long day at work pretending you’re living an alpha life, your greedy princess is just a phone call away to take every last cent in that fat bank account of yours.

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