Free Sex Story

Free Sex Story, He Thought It Was Free But I Made Him Pay. A little financial domination has never hurt anyone! Turning him into a puppet sounded more fun and stimulating anyway! In fact, the more it crossed my mind the more intrigued I became! How far could I push it? What goodies could I get and how much money could I squander from that bank account of his? It wasn’t just an idea anymore. It was time to turn the sex crazed married man into my financial piggy!

Loving to hear this sweet voice purr to him, and the promise of pussy and ass could be his if he gave me what I wanted. He knows I am so much better than that woman he calls his wife. Figuring out a long time ago that Roxy did anything and everything that his boring little wife never would dare. So it didn’t take much to convince him that when he handed over that cash and got me my own credit card how much happier we both would be.

He loved the teasing and toying! Especially when I would give him a sympathy jerk off and then cut him short, only to follow it up by stripping. Turning around and gazing at him over my shoulder while I slid down the side of his white collared shirt off my arm. The moans that followed and the pleads for me just to give him a few more strokes made dollar signs appear in my eyes. You might as well face it, you’re addicted. It’s like those mind control sex stories I told you about. But this time it’s not a story, it’s real life for you babe! Mind control equals financial domination my cash cow!

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