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Free sex stories are a great way to see if we are a match for some adult chat. If your into forced sex or blackmail then I KNOW we would have hot phone sex. Let me tell you about my new victim. His name is Ryan and he’s use to being in control but that was before he met me. We met a club over the weekend, he bought me drinks, and flirted. It was obvious he likes submissive women but I wasn’t in the mood to be submissive. You can say for me dominating a dominant is a challenge and it’s one I’ll accept. I brought him to my place where I made him drinks and listened to him try and play me. He had no idea he was getting played. I spiked his drink with something that would drug him and something else to keep him hard.

He woke up tied to my bed, naked with a raging hard on. No matter how hard he tried to escape he couldn’t break free. Ryan decides to tell me the truth, he’s married but she hasn’t been fucking him and I was only suppose to be a one night stand. I already had went through his phone I knew about the wife but I didn’t care. He’s begging but I ignore him and tease his cock with my tongue. My lips wrap around his cock head and I stroke him into my mouth. His cock starts to throb into my mouth as he begs me to stop but I don’t stop. As I straddle him I rub his cock against my wet pussy. I push just the tip of his cock inside me just to tease him but then I push him inside me inch by inch.

I’ll admit I fucked him and I came three times before jumping off his dick. Ryan is now begging for me to climb back onto him and finish him. “Did you really think I was going to let you cum inside me?” My girlfriend walks into the room and licks my juices off his cock as I took pictures. “What would your wife say Ryan?” I made a deal he had to cum inside my girlfriend or text his wife the pictures. It wasn’t long after she jumped on his dick that was squirting his load inside her. Did I mention she’s fertile and now Ryan may be blackmailed for life? We kept the pictures but Ryan will always be our victim now. Keep watching for more free sex stories but if you can’t wait give me a call.

Kinky Kelsey