Free Sex Stories For Geeks: A Kinky Naughty Trigonometry Lesson 

Free sex stories about math are super hot! Trust me! Mine often involve geeking out while teaching all of you horny men some kinky math-orgasmic lessons! So take your cock out and let’s dive into another one of my super nerdy and super hot sex stories!

Part I

You bring home a smoking hot (and very flexible) yoga teacher, and tie the ankles of her 1-meter legs with a rope. If you want to fuck her on her back while spreading her legs apart at a pussy angle of 150o, how long does the rope have to be?

Here’s a little triangle to help you out…

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Hint: You need to use the laws of trigonometry, so make a right-angle triangle out of the hot yoga teacher’s two legs and the rope. So divide the pussy angle by two and pick the correct trig relation to work with before sticking that hard cock of yours deep into that juicy cunt! 

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Part II

What is the angle between the rope and one of the kinky yoga teacher’s feet?

Hint: Remember that all angles in a triangle add up to 180o!

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Part III

The slutty yoga instructor cums loudly, then wants to get into her favorite sex position. She begs for you to fuck her doggy style. She bends over with the palm of her hands flat on the floor and her feet make a 90o angle with the floor. If her legs measure 1.2 times her upper body, while her forearms extend over her head and measure 0.25 m, what is the distance between her feet and hands?

Hint: Build a right-angle triangle with the moaning, wet yoga teacher’s body parts. Figure out what her upper body measures, then add the length of her forearms to get your hypotenuse. Then use the Pythagorean Theorem to obtain the final answer!

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