Free Sex Stories can be so exciting! Especially this one about a naughty little fuck toy I found in my house!

It was late, I was sitting all alone in my basement admiring my handy work. My Dungeon. Looking around you would never imagine that my two perfect hands created this masterpiece, all of the intricate woodwork, the plush furniture, and red velvet drapes that lined the walls. Never before seen by a man’s eyes… Little did I know that was about to change.

You see late Saturday night while I was sitting there in my room, I heard the door upstairs open. Followed by loud crashing noises coming from above my head. I quickly reacted, grabbing one of my Tasers from a nearby dresser. Making my way upstairs.

I could hear the sounds of someone frantically making their way through my house, followed by a loud banging at the door. I could tell by the flashing red and blue lights something strange was going on…

Answering the door, I saw a handsome police officer standing there.

It was easy to tell that uniform was bothering him, so tight and snug against his throat. The way he looked me up and down, I could tell he was undressing me with his eyes. Everything from my tight black leather dress, down to my knee-high boots. I could feel him practically ripping my clothes off. I slowly closed my eyes, letting out a soft moan. A female cough coming from my doorway quickly snapped me out of it. Those bitches ruin everything!

“Ma’am, have you seen this man?” The woman asked, shoving a picture of a muscular white man in my face. “He’s wanted for peeking in windows in your area, one woman even caught him doing inappropriate acts at her window.” I looked shocked, you see I live in a very upscale neighborhood, and no one ever does anything wrong around here. I quickly remembered the intruder. Thinking to myself what shall I do about this situation?
“Nope” I replied, quickly ushering them away from my front door. Making sure that I told them I would let them know if I noticed anything, or heard any more about this strange man.

Closing the door. The hunt began.

I finally located that dirty man hiding in my closet. There he was, standing in the middle of my newly purchased clothes, stroking his midget cock. That’s when I noticed he had my favorite pair of cherry red satin and lace panties in his hand… Just inches from his face… he was… Smelling them.

Quickly I locked my closet door, So thankful to the carpenter for putting the lock on the outside. I could hear his muffled cries as I slowly made my way back down to the dungeon to retrieve a few things I would need. When I returned I had with me some rope, a pair of black metal handcuffs, the police kind. Not the kind you can buy at your local convenient store. Boy was he in for a surprise!

As I unlocked the door, I held the Taser out in front of me, beckoning to him to show himself, and to come out of the closet. Now. You will have to call to find out the rest of the naughty, action-filled tale that happened after poor Mr. Peepers came out of the closet.

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