I just got back from a long vacay in Europe that included Paris, Rome and spending a few days on the beautiful island of Capri.

Free sex stories might sound bizarre next to the word “Capri”. Everything on that island is expensive. Capri is all sexy glitz & glamour with designer labels and million-dollar yachts sunning themselves in turquoise water.

One day when enjoying Prosecco at La Fontelina, a beautiful tanned woman with dark hair approached me.

“You are welcome to join my husband and I in our yacht docked in the marina,” she purred in Italian, her breasts barely contained.

I was aroused instantly. I caught a glimpse of her smooth leg peeking out of her sundress. It flowed elegantly behind as I followed her, drink in hand.

This woman was fucking gorgeous. I’ve never come face-to-face with such distinct and prominent beauty before. In retrospect, her husband wasn’t bad either – but she was definitely the one with the looks.

She explained as we entered the yacht that they were looking to have some fun with another beautiful girl while vacationing.

My bikini bottom dampened as she traced my voluptuous breasts with a finger adorned by a splendorous sapphire.

I approached my lips to hers but she laughed softly, backing up. She explained her husband insisted on watching everything that happened between us, including which sex toys we chose to use from the gigantic closet they kept strictly for that purpose.

Out of all of my free sex stories, I can’t quite recall all of the details in this one.

The next week was a blur of Prosecco bottles, carnal sex marathons, glamorous shopping sprees, and trying every fucking sex fetish that exists with every accessory in their kinky fuck closet.

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