Free sex, what I didn’t know when I booked my stay at an Arkansas B&B.

I arrived in Arkansas dreading being in this backward state for this ridiculous meeting. I set the GPS in the car rental for the Bed & Breakfast. As I traveled the streets with the non-existent traffic and nothing but curves, bad highways, and trees everywhere I wondered how people lived like this. The navigation had me turn onto a dirt-packed long driveway leading to a very old antebellum home. What am I doing here I thought, I should have just gotten a hotel in Little Rock! It would be dark soon, best make this work.

After knocking at the door a beautiful blonde woman, very busty with an inviting smile opened the door. Welcome to Sunny Brook Bed & Breakfast, you must be….quickly I interjected, please just call me Tony. Well, Tony, come on, let’s get you settled, my name is Simone. Her voice and accent were enticing with a soft southern drawl. She moved gracefully to a small desk in the foyer.

A sexy seductive southern woman sipping iced tea!

I expected to go up to my room right away but instead, she offered me an iced tea and asked me to sit with her for a while on the front porch. “It is my favorite time of the day”, she said. “You can’t miss the sunset, I am sure you’ll don’t get this in that big city New York.” She said with a smile.  I never dreamed I would be sitting on the front porch with a sexy seductive woman sipping iced tea and watching the sunset. Hearing nothing but the crickets. It was surprisingly peaceful. As the sun dipped further behind the trees. She stood and said allow me to show you to your room, Tony.

We climbed the stairs and she opened the doors to a beautiful large room with a wooden poster bed. The room was masculine and elegant. She walked to a door and said, you will find the home is furnished with all antiques, but it has been modernized the private bath for this room has been updated with a jacuzzi tub. I will just go and start that for you I am sure after your trip you must need it.

full-service B&B

After some time, she had never come out of the bathroom, so I walked over and opened the door and found her lying in a sea of bubbles. I was shocked, I stammered, and she smiled. “Please join me”, she whispered. I a, I am sorry I stammered, I felt like a schoolboy. “Tony, I told you in your email this was a full-service B&B. Would you rather I leave?” she asked with a pout.  No! I found my voice. No please don’t leave. I undressed quickly, feeling I had just won the lottery. Climbing in behind her we lay there relaxing letting the jets do their work soon she turned and began massaging my body with the sponge.

I could feel her breasts against my chest and my hard-throbbing cock rubbed against her smooth soft body. I pulled her against me tight and kissed her long and deep. She moaned into my mouth and pressed her body against mine. I wanted to take her in the tub but suddenly she stood, and I watched as she wrapped that beautiful body into a robe. Before I could ask what the fuck, she said, I will join you soon, finish your bath.

beautiful breasts bouncing every time I thrusted hard

I went and laid on the bed, wondering if I had just imagined that when the door opened and there she stood in a long flowing black dress it was completely see-through. She walked over to me and slid her legs around to straddle my lap where I sat on the bed.

She kept cumming

I buried my face between those magnificent tits and began grinding her pussy against my hard cock. She sat down on my dick. I slid deep inside of her hot tight pussy. Her pussy was wet, warm and so inviting. She rode me so magnificently and it felt amazing. I flipped her over onto her back and threw her legs over my shoulders and pounded deeper inside of her making her scream. I loved the vision of those beautiful breasts bouncing every time I thrust hard into her soft pussy. She came so hard on my cock, I had to pull out and taste that sweet honey. Her legs wrapped around my shoulders and my face buried in her soaked pussy I ate like a starving man, I had never tasted something so good. She kept cumming with every lick over her clit and I drank that up too.

When she was exhausted from cumming so long and so hard, she pulled my mouth to hers and drank her nectar from my lips. That action alone drove me insanely wild. I pushed her head to my throbbing cock as I lay back on the bed, she licked and teased my dick, but I was already near the point of exploding so I pushed her head onto it and she took it all deep into her throat and moaned so loudly I knew she was hungry for my cum so I gave it to her, thrusting deep and hard into her throat giving her face and throat every ounce I had, which was a lot!

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