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I never thought free sex would be a payment option to get me out of a tight jam.  Today was one of those days that I wish I had just stayed in my bed and not ventured out.  If I had listened to the sound advice of my husband could I have prevented the incident I’m about to share with you?  The day was great at the mall.  There were so many great sales.  I purchased some sexy lingerie and cute jeans which I wore out of the mall.  I admit they were a bit tight on me, but I like the way they made my ass appear.

The ride home for the first few minutes was very smooth.  Then the car started to jolt and shake.  I heard an audible pop then the car shut off.  Frustratingly, I couldn’t start the car.  I turned on my distress lights and used my phone to call for help.  A tow truck came out about an hour later.  The driver seemed rough around the edges.  He had a rough beard and salt-and-pepper hair.  He seemed to be eyeing me.  A blush crept up my cheeks.  He told me my membership was not active.  Guess the operator didn’t really look and just dispatched someone out.

I was incredulous, how could I have let my account fall behind?

I seemed to appear helpless. The rough man drew close to me and told me he would help me this once if I would give him something.  I told him anything just help me.  He leaned in and whispered he wanted my panties.  I begged for an alternative but he shook his head and told me no panties or no deal.  I got into the passenger seat of the tow truck and shimmied my jeans and panties off.  He was in the cab of the truck by the time I held my hand out with my moist panties.  He reverently rubbed my panties across his nose and sniffed them deeply.  I watched fixated on his happy face.  He licked the crotch.  I heard his zipper pull and saw him pull out his cock.  It all went so fast I didn’t have time to react properly.

He started jacking off with my panties rubbing the crotch along his swollen head and rubbing the material across his balls.  This both scared me but also turned me on.  This was very flattering that he loved my panties that much.  My pussy was wet looking at him using my panties to jerk his cock up and down.  He was breathing hard as he removed my panties and told me to stroke his dick.  My hands wrapped firmly around his cock.

I couldn’t believe I was giving a form of free sex along a busy road in a tow truck.

At that moment I felt like an office slut who gave sex freely.  He screamed and tilted his head back enjoying each long stroke along his juicy dick.  The pre cum coated his head.  What a hot encounter it was.  A lot more daring things took place that day.  I’d love to share all the juicy details with you.


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