Free Sex is what happened when I was a nurse for a day.

I gave my friend Free Sex and asked for nothing in return because I’m not always a greedy slut.

You think I’m a slut that spends all her time fucking guys and bragging about it, yeah it’s totally true, but I’m also a great friend who’s always there to give a helping hand.

My friend Dominic broke his leg and wrist so he can’t do much right now.  I went over to help him out. It’s not my fault that things took a naughty turn and he got Free Sex, it just sort of happens with me.

I went over to his place with some beer and pizza for dinner because I knew he was in no mood to get himself dinner. He was so happy to see me.  I felt so good making him feel better.  We ate and watched TV for a bit and during the commercials we talked about how he was doing. He said he was bored and seemed a bit upset that all his friends were going out clubbing and getting laid but he was stuck at home with me.

 I’m a nosy slut and asked him when he last got laid and he said it had been nearly a week. That’s like a decade for a guy. His balls must be so heavy and full of cum if he hasn’t jerked off either.

Getting him another beer I started talking about what I was going to do tomorrow night. I was going to go out, let a bunch of guys hit on me while I got turned on then go home with the hottest one.

Listening to every word I said he got so distracted that he spilled his beer in his lap. He got pissed off and I told him not to worry about then helped him go to his room. It was slow going but he finally got there. I had him lie on the bed while I found him a clean pair of pants.

Helping him get the wet ones off I saw that his boxers were wet too. I know I shouldn’t have done what I did next but I couldn’t help myself.

I wanted to give him hot sex. Also, I was going to give him Free Sex.

Brushing my hand over the wet spot, I felt his soft dick and said they had to come off too. He got embarrassed but I told him to stop being a baby, I’ve literally seen thousands of dicks before. I grabbed the waistband and tugged them down while he lifted his ass up a few inches. He whined at the pressure on his leg so I did it as fast as I could without hurting him but didn’t bother getting a new pair.

I sat beside him and cupped his balls, making him squirm. “Do you want me to help with this too?” I asked as I massaged his balls and he sighed as he gave in to me by nodding.

Putting my other hand around his dick I started stroking it while I fondled his balls. “Just relax and let me take care of you,” I said as he got hard and I went a bit faster. I slid my fist up and down, rubbing my thumb over his head as he throbbed.

He moaned and gripped the sheets in his hands as a drop of pre-cum slipped out. I kept going, jerking him off with fast, smooth strokes.  Making noises in the back of his throat  I could feel his balls pulling up. He was panting and when he was about to blow I pulled his balls down and watched his cum shoot out of him.

I wiped my hand clean on the sheets, wiped him off and picked up his clean clothes. “I guess we better put these on now,” I said then helped him get dressed.

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