Freaky sex is always good.

Freaky sex can always be great with random strangers don’t get me wrong. I love filthy interludes with guys who grab my hair in club bathrooms and pound me from behind like a whore over a dirty men’s bathroom toilet, but once you get to know someone, and they know what you like and exactly how you like it…it’s really the best.

When you haven’t seen an ex and you randomly bump into them with their new model, and without a word meet them in the bathroom and fuck, suck and let them make freaky sex just like they used to do to you, it can be pretty fucking hot I can tell you.

I met my ex for the first time in 6 months, completely weirdly and randomly. I was in a bar with a friend shooting some pool, and I felt someone watching me from behind, the weirdest feeling! Then I turned around after potting a cracking shot, and there he was. Fucking prick! But those feelings soon dissipated after our eyes met for a second, and I saw that familiar flash of freaky sex dirtiness.

He was holding his new girlfriend’s hand, and I will be honest she is hot as fuck.

Tall and blonde with small model-looking tits, not like my huge 32g’s! I tried my best to ignore him, and he did the same to me. After about an hour or so of pretending to ignore each other, his girlfriend got up from the table and went outside to use the phone as the music was pumping.

I took my chance. I left the pool cue and walked slowly to the bathroom, making sure to swing my hips and show off my ass in my tight jeans and crop top. As I got to the bathroom door of the unisex toilet, I turned and looked at him. He’d been checking me out the whole time and I knew it.

I didn’t have to say anything. He followed me. Before I could even get all the way into the stall and take down my knickers, he had pushed in behind me and locked the door.

He grabbed my hair and clasped a hand tightly around my mouth.

He bent me over, (as he always would do when we were together). Spat on my asshole and roughly shoved his cock deep inside my ass, all the way to the base, making me bite down hard on his finger, hurting him, but he just pinched my nose with two fingers hard as fuck and pulled my head back so he could spit into my mouth.

He came really quickly, depositing a huge load into my asshole. It was the quietest, quickest fuck I’ve ever had.

He turned and walked out, leaving me to find my damp and filthy panties on the wet and grotty floor. I didn’t say a word. I threw them away in the rubbish bin and cleaned my dripping and slightly bleeding asshole, and walked back to the main bar.

We didn’t exchange another word but that fucker knows exactly how much I love dirty, freaky sex.

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