I love beautiful things and cold hard cash. Moreover, I love making men give me that money and the tributes. As a freaky fine findom, it is my goal to squeeze every bit I can out of my subs.

Of course, each guy has a different level he is able to give at. And, that is okay with me. I understand you may have outside obligations. However, if you want to play with me you will pay for it.

This sexy diva does not come cheap. In fact, if I bring you into my world, you should consider yourself special. Where you fall in the hierarchy is to be decided.

One thing that is certain, you will bring this freaky fine findom that money and those tributes!

My skills are so good, I even recruit first-time findom slaves from Tinder.  Seriously, one date with me and they are willing to give me all that I desire. Of course, these big titties are a deal closer.

Additionally, my tight young body tends to bring men to their knees. They fall down begging to be my slaves and subs. It is crazy how badly men are craving my time.

Although, I love being a freaky fine findom. It is like no other feeling in the world. All these men bowing down to worship me and bringing me the money and tributes I desire and request.

Along with those, they know I am happy to go shopping on their dime.

A lot of my older subs love taking me shopping. It makes them feel good having a sexy young woman on their arm in public and spending their money to keep me happy.

In fact, they tend to spend bigger when they see how happy it makes me. And it doe make me happy to be able to get whatever I want in the stores. A couple of my guys have enough money to take this freaky fine findom truck shopping.

All of those gifts, tributes, and cash gifts make my pussy tingle and drip juices. I make sure they know just how wet I am too. Sliding my finger into my panties and wiping the juices under their noses.

This freaky fine findom loves doing that right in the middle of the stores too.

It is so much fun seeing how nervous some of them get after I do that. Of course, their cocks are rock hard in their pants. If they are lucky, their dick isn’t so big that people will notice.

And, if it is big and people notice, it is just part of the fun this freaky fine findom enjoys with her subs. Sometimes, to really tease them, I make them wait outside the waiting rooms.

Then, I will play with myself in the changing room and let him hear me moaning. If there are other women in there, it is even more fun! I may even make him touch his cock through his pants while he is waiting.

Of course, he has to be discreet so he doesn’t get in trouble! Haha.

If he is good and follows my directive, after my changing room fun, I will reward him by taking him into a public restroom and exposing my pussy for him to look at it as he finishes jerking off and cumming.

I love it when other guys walk into the restroom and decide to jerk off to my pretty pussy with my sub!

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