As a hot 20 something, I go on plenty of dates. I am always looking for a first time findom slave. In fact, I have a bit of a hobby. First, I browse dating apps just to find my next victim. Next, I look for men that are willing to give me everything. Most importantly, they must hope they will get something in return. In turn, the poor loser thinks he has a chance with a girl like me. Finally, and without recourse, he bends to my will and hands over all of his life savings. As a result, I am positively thrilled with the return on my hobby. Nothing gets me more excited than money. I love money! But I love it, even more, when a pay pig gives it to me.

It Pays To Be Honest.

I met Ethan on Tinder. I’ve gotten quite well at knowing what men are weak. We swiped right on each other and then we started messaging. I was very honest with Ethan. I let him know that the only way to meet me was to pay tribute to a princess like me. Ethan was a bit hesitant at first but proved his worth to me when I got a notification on my bank account. Once I decided to give him my number, that’s when the fun really started.

First Time Findom Slave Gives In!

Our first meeting was at my place. You may think I am crazy to do that, but in my place, I hold all control. I dressed in my sexiest black dress and high heels. My big tits pushed up, spilling over the deep neckline. Ethan arrived just in time. Although quite good looking, I went in knowing I didn’t care about who he really was as a person. I think Ethan knew why he was there. I could see in him what a pathetic loser he was and how he needed control. The first things that came out of his mouth were how amazing I looked. I giggled and replied with “I know!”. That set the pace for what was his first-time findom slave experience.

Ethan was curious about findom as we had already discussed it. The first thing that I made him do what strip down to his boxers. I told him how worthless he was, how he needed to pay to even be in my presence. And just like that, Ethan gave me his entire wallet. In it, there was a little bit over $500 in cash. Poor pay pig loser, he really thought that would satisfy me!

Hand It Over, Piggy.

After letting Ethan know that I needed more money, we drove to the nearest ATM. When we parked, he told me he loved me. He asked for a kiss. After that, I asked for $20. Consequently, Ethan took out even more cash and gave it all to me. Similarly, he asked for another kiss, plus a grope but I blocked his hand and asked for another $20. However, he said he had no more money; I had taken every last dime! Therefore, he had nothing left to interest me.

See, I don’t need to do anything at all to earn Ethan’s money. It is his place as a pay pig to give it to me. It is his place as a beta male to tribute his entire salary to me. There is no hope of me ever touching him, or letting him touch me. He knows his place now and this first-time findom slave was just one of many!

If you got to this point it means you are curious about becoming a pay pig and first-time findom slave. Well, give me a call and let’s talk about it. I’ll make sure to never drain your balls, only your wallet!

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