A Freaky Kind Of Cinderella Story!

What is it that they say? Oh yes, once upon a time there lived a freaky vixxxen named, Cinderella! She was the envy of both of her stepsisters and her mistress, also known as her Sexually Deviant Step Mother! You see, in the traditional story, Cinderella was a house slave used to serve the three other members of her household, by cleaning for them and catering to them like a maid. It has been told that her daddy had passed away and that’s why he wasn’t present. But not in this sexy fairy tale.

Oh no, in this story, daddy left the family to pursue a hot young piece of pussy and in her rage, Cinderella’s stepmother decided to use Cinderella for her own personal gratification. The kind of gratification that left her clit swollen and old pussy wet with desire! It wasn’t long, before Cinderella’s stepsisters joined in the fun, making Cinderella their sex slave too.

It all began shortly after her daddy left and her stepmother was feeling particularly horny one steamy hot morning.

This was the day when her stepmother decided that if she couldn’t fuck her husband, she’d fuck his freaky daughter instead, in an effort to fulfill her sexual appetite and jealousy.

While laying in her bed, her stepmother began to fantasise about the days when Cinderella’s daddy would eat her pussy like a champion. She’d think about the way her husband would run his tongue around her wrinkly wet pussy and how he’d make her cum multiple times. It was then that she called for her stepdaughter. In an instant Cinderella was there at the bedside of her stepmother. She knew that her sole purpose was to please her stepmother sexually. In a stern voice, her stepmother ordered Cinderella to plant her face right in between her sopping wet cunt. Like a good girl, Cinderella eagerly began to eat that old pussy. Just like her daddy, Cinderella ate that ole’ snatch like a champion, licking, sucking and slurping those lips right up.

Feeling her step mother’s body shake in quiver under her, Cinderella began to get off on the fact that she was eating that pussy really good. She could feel her own pussy swell up and get wetter and wetter. Just then, without any warning whatsoever, Cinderella could feel a sharp pain shoot through her little tight pussy. What was it??? Cinderella quickly looked back and there behind her, was one of her stepsisters with a strap-on, fucking her tight little hole like a jackrabbit. Just then, her step mother grabbed the back of her head and slammed it forcefully into her now swollen pussy.

All this time the second stepsister was videotaping the whole act, all the while rubbing her own pussy, hungrily waiting her turn, waiting for her chance to strike!

This is when the true nature of the three women’s motives was revealed. Chains, whips, and handcuffs were next brought to the table and the three woman had their way with Cinderella, in a manner that was both exhilarating and incredibly erotic for them. Cinderella was beyond grateful, to have the opportunity to service her mistresses to the best of her abilities. Just what exactly they did to her you ask? Call me and I will lavish you with every painful detail… Join me for a session of pleasure and pain!

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