Freak Show

I have always been attracted to the beautifully bizarre, deliciously deviant and sinfully sexual. I am one of those people who tries to see beauty even in the most depraved. I recently finished the series of American Horror Story: Freak Show, and I have to say I was turned on from episode one throughout.

Without further Ado… and in the spirit of Halloween


What is sexier than a man covered in tattoos with a forked tongue? All women desperately wonder, how that tongue would feel rustling against our pinkest parts. What about the sword swallower ? I’m sure all guys dream of someone doing that to their throbbing, hard meatstick.Β 

Another orgasmic oddity that has always intrigued me, Siamese twins. Could you imagine 2 women joined at the shoulder, or hip? 2 pussies, 2 sets of tits, and 2 mouths to provide every level of pleasure you’ve ever desired? Β Or Male twins? Talk about being ravaged!

But I do have to say, that throughout AHS: Freak Show. I was captivated by lobster boy. His uniqueness turned me on in such a way that I have been dreaming about it, fantasizing about it. You see his claw like fingers were massed together to form thick phallus shaped extensions, 2 sets on each hand. I imagine he knew exactly how to use his hands, in a way that would leave me satisfied and exhausted.

Then you have the Fat lady ( who wouldn’t want to be smothered by those tits?) The tiny man or woman (imagine them climbing up and down, and how cute their little bits would be)

We are all Freaks in our own way, belonging to our own special little Freak show.

Although after much thought, masturbation and desire… I do declare my personal freak show would be more of a fuck show than anything.

Love yourself, the monster inside you and everything that being you entails

No matter how freakishly fucked up you may think you are… there will always be a dark soul such as myself who will embrace it, because I too am a true freak (and not just in my boudoir!)

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