Frat House Femme Fatale. A Den Mother’s Work Is Never Done!

They have called me a Frat House Femme Fatale for years. Add to that the fact that I love flipping houses. Buying some old, run-down dump and turning it into a showcase gets me wet in a way sex never can. Trust me, you know your Joey, it’s NOT better, just different. Seeing a hundred-year-old oak hardwood floor buried under three layers of linoleum, uncovering it, stripping it down and making it look brand new? OK, maybe it IS like sex. Take last year; I found an eighty-year-old victorian mansion about four blocks from my local university. Six bedrooms, four baths, it was a steal for what I paid for it. Then it hit me! I was going to become a frat house femme fatale. AGAIN!

After I bought it, I paid double the purchase price to modernize it. All copper pipes, state of the art kitchen, high tech entertainment room, and YES, hardwood floors throughout. The bathrooms all got the tile and multi shower head treatment, turning each one into a jewel. I turned all six bedrooms into a different frat boy’s wet dreams with themes behind each of them. Football, baseball, basketball, science, literature, and art. What can I say? I like them well-rounded.

A frat house femme fatale has total control over her environment.

My cousin Mikey had just enrolled at the College and I decided he’d be the perfect frontman. He examined all the best frats before deciding on Phi Kappa Psi. And, when he heard it was founded on “the great joy of serving others” he knew it was a perfect fit for his favorite Auntie. After talking to the current chapter head Brad, and explaining that he could get them a perfect new frat house for a fraction of what they were paying for the dump they were in, he was hooked. A week later the whole frat had moved in and they were about to meet their new frat house femme fatale. It would be a meeting none of them would ever forget.

They were all in the “play” room, watching some stupid lesbian porn when I walked in, wearing my full-length Burberry trench coat. “Hello, boys, I’m Joey, your landlord. I need to explain the house rules, ” I said to eight slack-jawed college kids who had no idea what was in store for them. I walked over to the blue-ray player, ejected the disc, and snapped it in half. “There will be no porn movies in this house!”, I said as I let my coat fall to the floor revealing my naked body. Firm high breasts, flat stomach, and dancer’s legs.

Reaching over to the nearest kid, I grabbed him by his belt and pulled him up to me; stuffing his face between my breasts.

Once he’d gotten my nipples nice and hard, I dropped to my knees and pulled down his sweat pants, revealing a nice stiff seven-inch cock, ready for action. Ahh. College boys! So, as the others watched in shock and awe, I deep throated his cock and started bouncing my head up and down, giving him the wettest, sloppiest blowjob he’d ever had. The poor kid only lasted about a minute before he blew his load all over my tits. “Well, what are you idiots waiting for? ”It’s time to pay your fucking rent!” Yep, being a frat house femme fatale certainly had its benefits. Seven hot young studs at my beck and call, willing to do whatever I wanted. Yum! Telling them all to line up, I proceeded to suck them all; one after another capturing all that perfect protein in my hot little mouth.

After I had gotten them ready I decided the best way to welcome them to their new home was a revolving door of cock. I sat on Jeff’s cock while Darren drilled my ass and I sucked off Colin, warming up Tom and Stu with my hands. Poor Dave, Simon, and Hugh had to wait for their turns. But, my sucking and fucking skills were up to the challenge of eight inexperienced college boys. Jeff was good for about three minutes before my pussy squeezed another load out of his balls. He stumbled over and plopped on the couch to recover as Darren moved into my pussy.

The rotation began when Dave put his cock in my hand.

Then, within forty minutes all of them had been on the Joey coaster! Moreover, they were panting and resting on the couch watching Hugh slamming his nine-inch cock in and out of my tight, and very wet, cum soaked pussy. They started cheering him on like he was at a football game. Chanting,  “Hugh, Hugh, Hugh” to his ever-increasing thrusts in and out of my still tight pussy.

Finally, as I squeezed his cock with my vaginal muscles he came with a whimper, filling me up with a good shot of hot, sticky cum. Collapsing on the floor, he just looked up at me with a smile as all the boys broke into another cheer…”Jo–ey, Jo-ey” I swear, it was almost embarrassing. But then again, it’s hard to embarrass a Frat House Femme Fatale.  Also, I hope he didn’t leave any little surprises behind. I’ve got way too much going on to be impregnated! Grabbing my trench coat I addressed “my boys”.

“Now listen up, fellas!”

“What happens in the Phi Kappa Psi house – STAYS in the Phi Kappa Psi house. If word of this gets out, you could lose your scholarships and I’d have to find other boys to play with. Now, you wouldn’t want that, would you?”
I swear I was afraid they were going to break their necks they shook their collective heads so frantically. Well, that’s how that went! So, if you’re ever on a certain college campus and hear a chant of “Jo-ey, Jo-ey!”, you’ll know some boys are enjoying the ride of their lives with their frat house femme fatale. I know, it makes you want to be back in college, doesn’t it? I can pop us into the ‘Way-Back Machine!” We can go anywhere in the past, present, or future! So, get your hot, taboo phone sex from the best. Call me.

Kiss, kiss,

JoeyFrat House Femme Fatale