Foursome Fun!

Have you ever had a foursome? I love hearing about the fun you guys would have with me given the chance! As you know I love to swing and having kinky group sex with other like-minded deviants! This idea got me going, I LOVE foursome fun!

It seems silly in some ways. We are all married, we have all had sex, we have all enjoyed, yet it is still a date. We have the jitters, the sexual tension, and the butterflies. Why do we still call it a date? Maybe we need a new term to go with the new lifestyle.

So, after an amazing 1st ‘date’, how do you top it for the 2nd? Here is my idea…

You dress up for the club. She wears a dress that barely keeps her tits in, and he wears tight pants and a nice shirt. You are both showered and shaved, and ready. We are similar, but my woman dresses in something low cut with her ‘G’ cup tits wanting to overflow the dress. I am also in tight jeans with a Hawaiian shirt and Fedora. We agreed earlier that no underwear are allowed.

We meet at a local wine bar that is known as swinger friendly. We take a couch inside and settle back with a bottle of wine. As the music plays, and the drinks hit, the girls start to dance. We watch them move and grind on each other and can almost smell their lust. Your woman jumps on the pole and twirls around, giving everyone there a great view of her ass, and she swings her legs open to us- flashing her bare pussy. My girl helps her off the pole and the women share a sexy kiss.

By now both you and I are rubbing the growing lumps in our pants. The women see and tease us by groping each other in front of us. When I reach out to touch, they playfully slap my hand away. Finally they acknowledge us and tell us to st next to each other. My girl sits by you, yours by me. Then they reach over us and continue kissing each other, but offering their tits for us to play with and they are rubbing our cocks.

We decide it is time to leave, and go across the street to a hotel. The guy at the counter can`t tell who belongs to who, as hands and bodies are groping each other. We take the key and get in the elevator. Once the elevator door closes, I have my hand up a dress and someone has my cock in their hand.

It is a short trip and we both have our cocks out, but walk through the halls like that anyway. We get to the room and our clothes are coming off before the door closes. By the time we reach the bed, we are all naked. My woman lays down on the bed, and yours gets between her legs. You and I look at each other, and straddle my girls face. We give her both cocks to suck and she does happily. She smiles at us as she rubs our cock heads together and on her tongue. It doesn’t take long till she cums and we shift positions.

We put both girls on the bed doggy style. We start out plowing their pussies, and then switch. The women go crazy as we work up a rhythm and then stop. As we fuck them, we smack their asses and they beg us to fill them. Finally your woman clamps down on me, and I thrust deep inside her to let loose. Almost on cue, you feel the same and we both cum hard at almost the same. We pump until we are soft and fall out.

We collapse onto the bed and the women curl around us. We turn on the TV and find a porn channel. The women, who are in the middle, start kissing and fingering each other. We rub their tits as they get worked up. With our cum still dripping, they rub and finger each other. It doesn’t take long before we are hard again.

I reach in my woman’s bag and pull out her lube. I rub it over my cock, and pass it to you. You follow my lead and lube your cock up too. The women both were facing away from us, and we use a lubed finger to ‘warn’ them.

They both moan their consent, and soon we are easing into their tight asses. They hold and kiss each other, rubbing clits as we push in. The back door is so tight, neither of us can hold out too long, but work up to a few big, hard thrusts before filling their brown holes with cum. The women are so turned on, they also make each other cum as soon as we are done.

Now when we lie down, we are all spent, and try to decide- do we get up and take turns in the bathroom for after sex pees, or maybe something else…

Now that sounds like fun!

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