Four Wheelin’ and Family Fun Pt. 2: Incest IS Best!

( Don’t miss out on part 1) … As we lay there under that big shade tree in each others’ arms, Roger kissed me deeply. His strong, hard-working hands explored my neck, shoulders and breasts. Incest was something the rest of the world thought taboo, but in the south it happens more than you think. The thought crossed my mind that I shouldn’t be doing this, I shouldn’t want my cousin in THIS way… I should be able to have some self-control.

But I fell victim once again, and gave into my desire for some family fun.

Our tongues explored each others mouths, and he tasted so good on my lips. He kissed and squeezed and groped, and I wanted to lose myself in his touch. I was escaping my small town country girl reality, right here under this shade tree, with my cousin.

We couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. I remembered the boy Roger used to be, lanky and goofy. But what stood before me now was far from that. His yummy body was something I longed for, I wanted to taste, lick, kiss and feel every single inch of him.

He stared at my naked body, his eyes slowly wandered over my curves, no doubt he was remembering the little pest that used to follow him around. He kissed me with a passion that was so much more than just incest lust, it was hunger. His mouth trailed down my neck, and moved over my tits, he took each of them into his mouth covering my aereolas and suckling. I loved the way his tongue circled and wiggled around my stiffening nips. He made way down my belly, kissing and nibbling and finally lingering at my swollen cunt.

The only way to describe what Roger did that day was to say He made love to my pussy with his mouth.

My legs began to tremble as I squirted my sweet cum all over him, and he lapped it up like a thirsty dog. It was my turn to give my favorite cousin, what he so desperately craved.

I asked him to lie back, as I settled myself at his side on my knees, leaning down to get the right angle so I could make sure to take all of him into my mouth. His cock was massive, and had a perfect bend, and I throated his member, I eagerly anticipated the way the crook in his cock would make him hit my G spot. I sucked, and swallowed him over and over again, bringing him to the edge of our incest dream cum true.

The man in him took over, and he gallantly mounted me, and penetrated my swollen pussy. His cock pressed into my aching walls, over and over again, hitting “the spot” over and over again. As his thrusts grew harder, my orgasm came closer. My face must have shown my desire for our incest passion, because he never slowed. He fucked me harder and faster than I had ever been fucked, and I came unglued. I came so hard on my cousins cock it was if I should have shattered into a million pieces.

After getting me off, feeling my swell and flood his cock, my pussy grabbing at him, while I contracted around him through my orgasm, Roger couldn’t hold on any longer. His Hard Cock exploded, inside me.

I drained him of every single drop, and his reserves. But I will admit, our incest romp out on the farm, left me more than satisfied and overly exhausted.


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