I love telling a good adult sex story and this one is true!

One of my male friends and I love to roleplay, making up our own adult sex story, and play any chance we get. We love to surprise each other. I came up with an idea for that evening, as I was walking Sugar, my little white Pekingese. She and I loved a trail behind my apartments that leads into the forest, where very few people ever venture. There’s a slope that leads down to a valley where all the fallen leaves gather in an ocean of flames; gold, red, yellow, orange.  Sugar loves to jump around in the leaves and I get to leave all my big city stress behind me for a bit thinking about my naughty plan. The pines grow in the lower portion and are scattered so it almost feels like leaving the city.

Today, as usual, it was just Sugar and me on the trail, her hopping around and me clearing my mind when a voice interrupted my solitude, “I see you out here often.”

Looking up to see a very tall, well built bearded man with dark moody eyes. He was dressed like a lumberjack in Levis and a flannel shirt, with an ax over his shoulder. “Oh, you scared me,” I murmured and thought, hey, he’s kinda hot.

Which Brings us to the Adult Sex Story:

” Wow, I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he said and extended his hand, “I’m Paul.”

“Hi Paul,” I said and introduced myself.  As Paul took my hand he twisted it behind me and ordered me to my knees. I fell, having no choice.

Hissing, he ordered me, “Now do as I say, and this ax won’t meet your skull, got it?

Reluctantly, I nodded and Paul ordered me to strip right there in a pile of leaves. I very slowly peeled off my t-shirt and jeans-trying to keep my panties on-but Paul said, “Drop ’em and get on all fours.”

Reluctantly, I did as he said. Paul grabbed me by the hips and lay the ax on my back. I felt his stiff erection against my ass as he groped my breasts.

“Stay on your knees,” he ordered me. “And let this be a lesson to you: Never wander into the forest alone.”

When he was done, I called after him, “Hey, Paul, drinks at my place at 8:00?”

He responded, “See ya then,” and disappeared into the brush.

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