Foreplay is important.

The two most common complaints I hear from women (when it comes to men and sex) is they don’t get enough foreplay or after-sex cuddling.  This irritates me for multiple reasons, but the biggest irritation is (thanks to these bitches) men now think they need to spend hours doing both.

People don’t come with instruction manuals and for us to expect someone to automatically know what we want/need sexually is ridiculous.  While it’s my own personal belief a person should feel comfortable talking about sex (before or even while) actually having it, apparently some (like these women) don’t agree.

Foreplay isn’t just about getting someone “in the mood”; there’s an actual physical benefit for both men (a hard-on) and women (a wet pussy.)  Since sex with a stiffy is easier and most people don’t enjoy the feeling of their bare ass sliding down a dry water slide, foreplay is a really good thing.

Not all women require hours of kissing and touching before they’re ready to fuck.  Although some women may still need a little help from her friend KY. If a woman knows her man is attracted to her if he shows a genuine interest in what turns her on (and actually takes the time to do those things) foreplay can start with a single glance and last 24 hours a day.

Cuddling is a different story.

While I’m a definite proponent of the “snuggle fuck”. I have no desire for more than 5 minutes of cuddling or spooning unless it’s going to result in another round of fucking.  If I need some additional intimacy, it’s not going come from doing any activity which could increase the chances of waking up smelling each other’s breath.

Communicating with your partner about what you like sexually increases your success for a great sex life together.  Then again, if you’d rather skip all the foreplay and post-coital cuddling, I’d love to hear and take care of your sexual needs!

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