Foreplay is something we can do all day long.

Although I’m always horny, if each day starts at 6 a.m. and includes work, taking care of the family, and the home, some may not be in the mood for sex.  Foreplay, however, isn’t something just for bedtime.  We can do it all day long and at a distance.

When I put on my make-up and you wrap your arms around my waist and kiss my neck, or hand you a cup of coffee and feel your fingertips brush my hand, my nipples get hard.

In the middle of winter, I clean the house wearing a tank top, extremely short shorts, and nothing underneath.  Knowing you’re watching me, I bend over frequently.

When you’re sweaty and working in the yard, or concentrating on work you’ve brought home, I think about the attention you give to licking my clit and how sweaty we get as fuck like animals.

I know you’re working so I leave you a message.  I tell you how much I want your cock and what I’m going to do with it when you get home.  Your lab coat hides your stiff cock.

You know I’m shopping with my Mom so you leave me a message.  You tell me how you’re going to bend me over the kitchen table and fuck me until I scream.

My face turns red and my pussy becomes wet.

While slow dancing at a club together, with my wrists in your hands, you put them behind my back and tighten your grasp.  I immediately want to be tied to the frame of our bed.

At your office party, we’re on opposite sides of the room.  You reach inside of your pocket and find my wet panties.  Without breaking eye contact, you move across the room.  For the rest of the evening, you’re at my side with your hand on the small of my back, occasionally letting it brush across my ass; a reminder to us both where my panties are.

My wet pussy is ready for your hard cock.

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