My new neighbor is the only one that can satisfy my slutty little cunt!


After years of being “miss popular” and the envy of every girl in school, someone has finally knocked me off my high pedestal. But I can never let anyone know by whom and that I actually like it. She made my slutty little cunt hers and only hers. I have no choice but to accept it or everyone will find out my dirty secrets. My pussy aches at the thought of her and I can’t hide it since she is my new neighbor.

As luck would have it I managed to find myself at the top of the popularity food chain. I have the hottest boyfriend in school, captain of the cheerleading team, debate team, track and field team, and an A+ student. Everyone in the community knows my family and we are well respected by them all. They also know how religious my parents are so being gay would be a big scandal for my family. Which is why I try so hard to hide it from everyone.

When I first realized I was a lesbian it wasn’t hard to hide my urges. I focused all my energy on school then started dating the hot jock. It wasn’t until we got a new neighbor that I became aware of just how much I crave pussy. She is sexy, alluring, and mysterious, and has completely captivated me. I managed to avoid her for the first couple of weeks until I did something that shocks even me. I break into her house to satisfy my slutty little cunt.

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Once my parents have left for the night I settle into bed, grab my laptop, and then search for her social media pages. The longer I look at her pictures the wetter my slutty little cunt becomes. As I rub wet pussy I notice her page says she is out with friends so I give into my urges and sneak over to her house. The backdoor is open so I slip inside and up to her room. I rummage through her things to find her used panties then lay back on her bed and rub them against my tight little pussy.

I’m so focused on stimulating my slutty little cunt.  I don’t even hear anyone entering the house.  I hear her clear her throat that I become aware of her presence. She looks at me amused at the sight as I frantically try to explain my reason for being there. Her wickedly seductive smile suggests she knows what I am doing so she decides to blackmail me. She suggests that I agree to be her new play toy or she would out me to everyone in town.

The thought of being outed terrifies me so I agree unaware of what I just agreed to. She demands I drop to my knees then lifts her dress revealing her fat milf pussy. Grabbing a handful of my hair, she buries my face into her wet pussy and tells me to lick her clit. I do as I am told.  Then I relish in the sweet taste of her juices. She then fucks my face and covers my tongue in her cum. My slutty little cunt is throbbing by now!

Beg Me To Cum!

When she is finished she tells me to strip naked then ties me to her bed and asks why I was playing with her panties. I tell her it was a bet and I lost.  I didn’t want to admit the truth.  My lie didn’t fool her. She pulls out a whip and stings it against my nipples then asks me the question again. I try to maintain the lie but she unleashes a crack from her whip against my slutty little cunt and demands I tell her the truth. I finally admit that I am a secret lesbian and couldn’t resist my urges to taste her pussy any longer.

Once I admit my reason for being there she accepts my answer, grabs a vibrator, and toys with my nipples until they are rock hard. She moves the vibrator lower to press it against my slutty little cunt watching as I come completely undone at her mercy. As she is intensifying the vibrations she demands that I tell her what a horny little lesbian I am until I am about cum. Begging and pleading I ask for her permission to cum and she finally gives it to me. After untieing me she throws me my clothes and tells me to be back on my knees for her tomorrow right after school because she has more kinky fun planned for us.

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