Forced Strip Tease

Forced Strip Tease In Front Of My Brother In Law Got Him Off. Always being the more aggressive one, when the tables are turned it’s a whole new world. That brother in law of mine has always been so shy and naive. So I thought!  It wasn’t the case at all. Laying in wait for the perfect opportunity to get me alone and do as he pleased.

Telling me that he wanted to plan a surprise for his wife I agreed to help him set up the house. Thinking it was a bit odd of the request he made of me, but I just shook it off. Arriving at the specific time I rang the door bell. He told me there was a lot of cleaning and to wear some jean shorts and a tank top. Comfort and practicality are what he described it as.  Little did I know he’d jerked off all the time dreaming of me in that outfit.

I walked inside and he was nowhere to be seen. Then out of nowhere, he grabbed me from behind. His strength was greater than I had ever expected. I could feel his heart beating and hear his rapid breathing in my ear. His wet tongue licked the side of my face and his hand slid up underneath my tank top. “You’re going to be a dirty bitch for me today Roxy”,  he whispered in my ear. And then threw me over the side of the couch.

I turned around to confront him, but before I could he tossed a large envelope at me. “Open it up, Roxy!”, he smiled. I opened it up to find pictures of me and my nephew making out. I knew exactly what this was! Blackmail!

Blackmailed By My Brother In Law

He looked at me with that look of desire as he undid his pants. “Strip for me, Roxy!”, he said, stroking his crooked cock fervently. A forced strip tease was something I never thought I’d have to do. But in order to keep my dirty little secret, I had no choice. I went to take off my tank, but he walked over and ripped it right off me. “Pull your tits out!”, he commanded. I popped one out and then the other over the top of my bra. “Leave them like that,” he said as he licked his lips again.

I grabbed the button on my shorts and undid them. Moving my hips and slipping out of them, my sheer panties underneath started to slip down with them. Stepping out of them and standing there naked in front of him with only a pair of heels. He moaned and then told me to play with my pussy. I sat down on his coffee table and went to work. I was letting him have his moment, knowing the tables were about to be turned!

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