Forced Strap-on Sex doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, damn it’s fun for me!

It’s so kinky when I blackmail and humiliate a guy into having Forced Strap-on Sex.

Some guys are so stupid. Don’t you know by now that you should delete your browsing history every time you look up porn? Seriously, you’re just asking for trouble if you don’t. Girls like me always want to know your dirty secrets and we know just where to find them.

 Dennis is dating my friend Hayley and thanks to her I know what he’s like in the bedroom as well as out of it. He’s one of those guys that have to be a “real” man every second of the day. He acts like he knows everything, lives at the gym, makes fun of the pussies and fags and fucks Hayley’s brains out four times a week.

When I crashed at their place they went out for a bit and I decided to see what porn Dennis had on his computer.

I was expecting some good stuff but what I got was a ton of pegging vids. Somebody has a thing for getting fucked in the ass and his girlfriend has no idea because she’d tell me if she did. I waited until I was alone with him then put on the strap-on I’d bought earlier that morning. Forced Strap-on Sex was what I was thinking about.

 I cornered him in the living room where he was playing video games and told him to get naked. He laughed as he stared at my dick and I told him to do it or I’d tell Hayley about the ass fucking vids on his computer. He pretended he didn’t know what I was talking about and I told him all the nasty things I saw.

 I gave him one last chance and held up my phone. He got scared and took his clothes off as he begged me not to tell her.

I saw his dick was starting to get hard and I made him get on his knees so he could suck my dick.

 He looked so embarrassed as he opened his mouth and swallowed the big dick in front of him. I grabbed the back of his head and thrust forward, shoving it down his throat. Showing him how to suck a dick like a pro I laughed at him as he choked on it. I made him do it for five minutes then pushed him away from me so I could sit on the couch.

 I took out a small bottle of lube I’d hidden earlier and covered my dick in it. He coughed and tried to hide how hard he was now. Leaning back I told him to ride my dick like a little fag.

There was going to be hardcore anal sex tonight whether he liked it or not.

 Dennis looked like he was about to die as he turned his back to me and spread his cheeks apart as he tried to get his ass on it. He cried out like a bitch as the tip went in. I had to hold his shoulders down to get him really on it. He gasped and cried as he tried to ride it. I knew it was tearing his boy pussy up good. While I called him a pussy and a bitch as he tried to fuck himself on me I reached around so I could smack his hard dick.

 He tried to bounce on my dick for a good 20 minutes and you should have heard the noises he was making. We finally had to stop the Forced Strap-on Sex because Hayley would be home soon. She’ll probably notice him walking funny. Tonight he’s going to fuck her like crazy as he thinks about what we did. Maybe next time I’ll be nicer and let him cum while ramming my big dick in him.