This Summer is going to absolutely blow. I wanted to hang out with friends, work on some hobbies, and go to the beach. Unfortunately, I’m stuck here in this overly pretentious, waste of space, mansion.  My mother pressured me to be productive this Summer; I couldn’t be fucking around anymore. I have no idea how she could think forced slave humiliation was a better option for me.

Only a couple of weeks into cleaning this giant eyesore, and I already hate it. I took this position as a simple cleaning job. Show up 5 days a week, 8 hour days, and clean all of the rooms the owners think are too beneath them to manage. What makes it even worse though, the young “Master” of the home, Johnathan. He’s everyone’s dream; son, brother, best friend, husband, athlete, scholar. John has charisma, power, looks, brawn, and brains; and yet, I hate his guts.

Today, I’m dreading my workday; I have a bad feeling.

First, I pull up through the back entrance and park my cars, a good long walk away from the manor with the other servants. After my hike to the home, I walk in through the back laundry room and food service area. Next, I change into my old school maid outfit; it’s useless and inconvenient, but hilarious to the young Master. The panties he has us wear always ride up, and the black blouse is so hot and tight, I can barely breathe in it. Plus, it’s impossible to clean anything in this poofy short skirt. I suppose this is part of the forced slave humiliation.

It didn’t start this way, I just showed up to clean the house!

What really started all of this, was John asking me to do something ridiculous for him. He came in a rag and told me to carry it to the laundry room with my teeth like a dog. Of course, I refused! I’m a respectable woman, after all, I’m not going to crawl on my knees like that for a pompous ass. My refusal infuriated him, causing him to slap me across the face and call me a worthless slave.

“I own the trailer park you live in. My family holds so much influence in this state, you won’t get a job anywhere. I’ll ruin you. This is all you have now”.

How could I possibly argue with that? Plus, that slap to the face made me go into ultimate submission mode. I got on my hands and knees and reluctantly picked up the cum stained rag in my mouth. As I was crawling by he smacked my ass hard and told me I was his new favorite slave. This is when the forced slave humiliation really began.

I had no idea what was in store for me from Master Johnathan, today.

I started off in his bedroom, as per ordered with my forced slave humiliation. First, I changed his sheets (always covered in some kind of filth), fluffed his pillows, and made the bed. Then I went over to the window and opened the drapes. I grabbed my cleaning supplies to get the window perfectly clean. Little to my knowledge, there was a peeping tom underneath me. “Nice pair of panties, I see you aren’t wearing your proper attire under your uniform.” He smacked my ass and made me almost fall off the ladder.

Quickly, I climb down and brush myself off. “Master, I would appreciate it if you didn’t touch me like that.” All he does in response is laugh and flip my skirt up. “If you think you can wear panties like this to work to feel sexy, then let’s show them off.” Next, I hear the sound of a knife, and he cuts off my blouse and skirt. Leaving me in nothing but my red lacey panties, my garter, and white thigh highs, and heels.  John grabs the sides of my panties and yanks them up and over my shoulders, causing me to cry out. “Wear them just like that for the rest of your shift slave”, he orders, smacking my ass one last time and leaving the room. I’m left to my work, humiliated and in pain.

Give me a call for some Slave Roleplay Phone Sex!  Let me be your submissive whore maid.