Forced Sex Happens In Even The Most Unlikely Places.

Forced Sex seems to be one of the most common hidden fetishes among people to date. Here’s one of my Forced Sex Fantasies. It all happened so quickly, I knew there was someone following me… That I wasn’t alone last night in that parking ramp. My boss had always told me to be careful when walking out there alone… If only I had listened. If only I had not taken those few steps into the dark parking lot.

Maybe I would have noticed the guy standing in the lot if I had not been so engrossed in my phone. Maybe this was all my fault after all. If I would have just paid attention…
Approximately halfway up the parking ramp as I made my way to my vehicle, I heard the approach of heavy footsteps. Panicking I quickened the pace to my car… But it was unfortunately too late.
I felt his cold leather gloves grasp me from behind, one curling my mouth while the other clasped firmly around my waist. I tried to scream but it was pointless.

There was no one around from miles and the office building I work in is practically sound proof. I felt myself being drug behind a big SUV that was parked a few vehicles down from mine. I could feel his hands pawing at my skirt.  Trying to free me from the confines of my clothing…

That’s when I felt it. (If you have read this far I would like to offer you 5 Free Phone Sex Minutes With Your Next Paid Call! Mentions Sneaky5 When Calling)

I could feel him bare himself. That’s when I knew what was about to happen.

I know that he was about to take me in ways I have only visioned in my dreams. I sat there scared but moaning. Talk about a mix of emotions.
Then I noticed something else… A phone ringing in his pocket. Not many men I know have the Sons of Anarchy theme song as their ringtone…
Only one man actually.

My Boss…

*Come find out what happened next* or maybe we can even add our own twist. Let’s have a phone sex night to remember!