I desperately needed to raise my grade. Who knew I could do that by having sex with my teacher?

Wanna know how I started having sex with my teacher? I always had a hard time in science class. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was really close to failing. My science teacher, Mr. Krassner, offered me extra credit one day. It was right before the report cards went out and I was going to need a serious project to pull my grade above failing before my parents found out. I met him in his classroom after volleyball practice that day.

His desk was kind of around the corner from the door, I walked around and saw him staring at his computer with his hand down his pants. “Oh my gosh, Mr. Krassner! I’m so sorry!” I said, covering my eyes.

He was shocked, he zipped his pants up and walked over to me. He gently placed his hand on my arm that was raised to cover my face. “It’s okay, Julianna. I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you this soon.” He said very calmly to me. I looked back at him and our student/teacher order was restored. But then I noticed his hand was still resting on my shoulder. He was looking down and smiling at me.

I looked back at him and asked, “What kind of extra credit did you have in mind, Mr. Krassner?” he looked a little sterner now.  “I think you’ll need a lot if you don’t want your parents knowing you’re failing.” He said.

“I’ll do anything, Mr. Krassner! Projects, chores, whatever you want.”

“Oh, I have a chore you can do.” He walked past me and I heard him closing and locking the door around the corner. He came back to me and dropped his pants to the floor.


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My eyes got wide as his huge cock bounced back up into an erect position. “Let’s see if your blow jobs are A-quality.” He smiled and looked at me. I almost didn’t know what to say. I knew he was serious and I knew I needed this grade or my parents would kill me! So, I lowered to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.

He immediately started moaning, putting his hand on the back of my head and thrusting his cock down my throat even harder. I started choking and spit was getting everywhere but he didn’t stop. He was fucking my face with a fervor. At one point I almost thought I would suffocate on cock and saliva. That’s when he grabbed my hair and yanked my head off his cock. I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Still holding onto my hair, he dragged me up onto my feet. I was confused but I did not argue. I felt him get behind me and he forced my upper body down onto his desk from behind. He had me bent over his desk, then he flipped my skirt up and ripped my thong to the side.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt his huge cock inside of my tight little pussy thrusting deep into me. “Oh my god! Mr. Krassner!” I screamed and he hushed me immediately, covering my mouth while he pumped into me harder.

He grunted quietly as his balls smacked into me with each thrust. Then I felt his hot cum unloading inside of me as he let out a huge sigh and collapsed on my back for a moment. I stayed bent over as he cleaned up and told me to get out.


He didn’t even speak to me as he tossed me around and took me how he wanted me. Who knew sex with my teacher would be SO fucking hot!


I had never been so fucking turned on in my life. Getting fucked and used so powerfully. I was eager to get back and have sex with my teacher every fucking chance I got after this! Needless to say, I got the A! 😊


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