Forced sex, The story of how I was forced to be a breeder.

Forced sex, The story of how I was forced to become a breeder. I was working at a strip club called Guilty pleasures, stripping for naughty men. My specialty dance was where I made myself look super young. I have a lot of clients that tell me I look like their daughter when I wear my hair in pigtails… Daddy loves that! One night I was finishing up my dance to the song I’m a slave for you by Brittany Spears When I was approached by this man, that gave me the heeby-jeebies. So I kindly declined his personal dance I was just crept by the way he looked at me.

Quickly I was walking to my car when I heard a loud crash by the dumpsters in the back alley. I was spooked even tho I saw nothing behind me, it always reminds me of every horror movie of all time. I ran to my car when I was suddenly pushed hard into my car. Suddenly I could feel the weight of someone against me before everything went black. I vaguely remember blurs of traffic lights before I went unconscious again. When I came to my head was groggy and I couldn’t remember what happened. The room was dark until I moved and it was unbelievably bright in my blurred vision.

Forced sex, The story of how I was forced to be a breeder.

I finally came to in a room that looked to be built in concrete.  I looked around seeing my surroundings and what I saw would never leave my dreams. All of a sudden I was chained by the ankle on some sort of makeshift indoor metal crane. I could walk the length of the room but that was it. There was a bed on a big square carpet tapestry that looked like it was made in the 1800s. The bed was a queen sized canopy with long flowing curtains. It would have been beautiful if I wasn’t scared shitless. Every night that creepy man that I saw at the club would come in the dungeon-like room and would hold me down and fuck me.

Once I was impregnated he stopped fucking me once my stomach began to grow. That is when he started to suck my nipples stimulating my breast milk. Once my milk was flowing more regular he would make me pump for him and share the creation that he made.

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