Forced sex stories involving blackmail

I love sharing my kinky forced sex stories. It lets me show you my dominant side. This sexy story is all about Robby who has a secret bisexual curiosity. Poor little Robby is too scared he’ll turn into a cock sucker so he keeps denying himself of pleasure. It wasn’t hard for me to pry inside that dirty little mind and get a confession. One by one his secrets came out and he even admitted to sucking cock one time. After confessing he sent me a picture of a cock inside his mouth. I let him know I was going to post the picture on twitter along with some hashtags to gain popularity. The only way I was going to let him out of this was if he called over a male escort while I had him on the phone. I know it blackmail but who cares.

It’s scary if you think about the power I had over him but it was his fault for sending me the picture. All this forced bi sex talk was hot. Finally after searching we found a dominant male escort to come over and satisfy his bisexual curiosity. While waiting I made Robby pull out some panties stockings and heels from his girlfriends drawers. Robby laid them on the bed like he was told. Once he arrived I could hear the nervousness in his voice as I talked to Eric (the male escort) and I let him know there were a list of demands I had for Eric to do to Robby. First on the list was to force Robby to slip on the items laying on the bed. After dressing Robby in his girlfriends undergarments Eric took a picture and emailed it to me.

The second thing on the list was to force his cock down Robby’s throat. He clearly needs a lesson or two in deep throating. After he attempted a blow job Eric bent him over and forced his fat dick into Robby’s ass. I heard him scream but I didn’t care. Robby clearly blew his load three or four times before Eric finally came. Eric once again had specific instructions on where to put his load but can you guess where? I have many forced sex stories call my phone sex line and I’ll share with you. There are no limits we can keep it sensual or get extremely kinky! Want more forced sex stories read all about my friends big deep dark forced bi secret.

Kinky Kelsey