Forced Sex Stories: Vacation Gone Wrong! Part Two

This is part two of the forced sex stories series! Make sure you read part one! (;

He rubbed my clit with his index finger while I moaned into his hand. My boyfriend was furious, fighting against his restraints to get at the mechanic. My knees are shaking from the amount of pleasure that I am receiving, and he loved the effect that he was having upon me. He reached further into my panties and shoved a finger into my dripping wet pussy. I moaned in pleasure as his fingers caressed the inside of me. He bent down and pulled off my shorts and panties.

My boyfriend was yelling at him to stop, but the mechanic just smirked at him and continued.

He placed my hands on my boyfriend’s chair and bent me over. He rubbed his tongue all over my pussy and ass, making me moan softly. My boyfriend looked down at me, his eyes fuming with rage. I reached my hands up and started to undo his jeans while the mechanic was behind me, eating me out. My boyfriend tried to be angry, but I could see the hunger in his eyes, so I continued.

I brought his cock out and started stroking it. His cock was hard immediately! He was so turned on, and that turned me on even more! The mechanic positioned himself behind me and started shoving his cock deep inside of me. I started sucking my boyfriend’s cock, sliding it in and out of my tight little mouth. He was moaning around the tape covering his mouth, enjoying what I was doing to his cock!

I couldn’t help but gasp in pleasure as both of my holes were filled repeatedly. I felt so full of cock and I loved it! Little did my boyfriend know that this was a fantasy of mine, and I was so excited to finally be able to try it! (;

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