Forced Sex Stories- Sissification Transformation

Forced Sex Stories can be quite morbid. This is one of many forced sex stories about Sissification and cross-dressing.


A few years ago I dated a man who was way more into the mirror than I was. Trevor would spend hours on his hair, his eyebrows, his skin regimen and so on. Conceited wasn’t even the word. I noticed how much my mediocre lover loved his own reflection.

One Night I came home early from a pool tournament and caught him in a very sexy pair of thigh highs and panties. As soon as I realized what my lover was donning, I took several pictures with my cell. Trevor began throwing a total bitch fit.

“Anna, Delete those now! I was just fucking around… I just wanted to see how they felt.. Come On Anna!” He tried to snatch the phone.  I laughed as I kept the phone from his grasp. ” No Trevor, the only way I’m ever gonna keep this quiet, is if you do a little something…for me” I glared with a big grin. “Anna, I’ll do Anything.. please” He whined.

“To the Bathroom” I pointed and directed Trevor.

“You Like Being girly, huh? Do these make you feel Sexy Trevor? I said running my nail over his pulsating cock that was tucked away in satin. goose-flesh crawled all over his arms. ” I like how soft the panties are, and the stockings define my legs, and make them so smooth.” He ran his hands over his legs.


Take them off. Now!


Trevor stood looking at me in the bathroom mirror. That rock hard body overcome with anxiety. I ripped the satin panties from his body, forcing him to yelp. “Stockings off too”

I began transforming Trevor. I bathed him, shaving all the hair from his body. Washing his hair in floral shampoo, and bathing him in milk and honey-sweet soak, his engorged cock protruded atop the water. Trevor exited the bath in the most feminine of ways.. so prim, proper.

Powders and lotions, perfumes and Polish, and full-on dramatic Makeup.

Naughty Little girl…

” This is the right way to transform into a lady, Trevor. I always knew there was something different about you” I Grinned as I applied eye shadow. ” You’ll make a lovely fuck slut” I beat his face more and more.

“Anna I Can’t fucking believe you are making me do this! All for some stupid Pictures! and what else, this will make me the perfect Victim for a Blog?!?!” I didn’t know it then, but Trevor would make it into a lot of my blogs, he was the perfect muse for forced sex stories. Trevor is my favorite little bitch boy.

A strapless pink cocktail dress, with nude seamed thigh highs, and beige fuck me pumps, would make this sissy boy’s transformation complete. I polished him off with a platinum blonde wig and popped cherry lipstick. Turning the vanity chair slowly, he saw my creation. What started off as sissies forced sex stories, transformed into a sissies transformation.

I just thought he was conceived before. Now, he couldn’t stop rubbing his legs, twirling his hair. I couldn’t help but notice his confidence growing, as well as his cock. My life-size Barbie was so busy he didn’t even notice, I was watching him and stroking my fat 10 inches…


Stay tuned to find out what happened next

Forced sex stories are so Naughty and Taboo. Trevor was so desperate for me to keep his secret, he would do anything, be on the lookout for part 2 of my hot, twisted and sexy forced sex stories!


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