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Of all of my forced sex stories, this one was the most memorable and satisfying. One winter I was SO sick with a cold virus that was plaguing the area. I was dating a nice man named Charlie at that time and he came over that evening to help pamper his busty lil slut. After Charlie made me dinner of chicken noodle soup, he insisted I take my medications so I could get all better. I hated taking one particular medication because it always ended up making me extremely groggy and I would constantly drift in and out of sleep.

Since I wanted to be a good patient for him, I took all my medications. Within 30 minutes of taking them, I could feel my head and eyelids grow extremely heavy so I stumbled to my bedroom to go to sleep for the night. At some point, I felt the bed dip beneath the weight of someone and I cracked open an eye to see Charlie fully nude – watching me.

I just could not summon up the strength to wake myself up fully, so I just lay there totally vulnerable and defenseless. I felt Charlie untie the belt of my robe and push it open to expose my massive tits and tiny little waist, my heart started pounding so hard that I could feel it in my throat. He reached out and grabbed a handful of my breast and lowered his head to my nipple that was already starting to form a stiff peak beneath his touch. He then trailed fingers between the valley of my breasts, down my taut little tummy, and shoved them between my delicate pink folds. I felt so taken advantage of and completely at his mercy…

such a betrayal of trust should have appalled me, but instead had the opposite effect on me.

I was disgusted with myself as I become wildly aroused at his advancement during such a helpless time for me. All of the forced sex stories I’ve heard couldn’t have prepared me for my body’s reaction! I could feel the painful and swift arousal as my pussy began weeping with my delicious juices at the invasion of his fingers as they slipped into my tight fuckhole. He climbed over top of me and I felt him take a position to bury his giant cock deep in me.

He plowed into me in one hard thrust, my pussy betrayed me further by opening up wide and granting his dick permission to invade my softcore. Thrust after brutal thrust he pounded his cock into me and I could feel my slit muscles working him, milking his cock. I could feel an unbidden pressure build up inside of me as he ruthlessly fucked my weak body.

My orgasm crashed into me with such intensity I could hardly breathe. I could feel his rod become longer and harder within my walls and knew he was about to fill me up with his seed. He gripped my hips, each fingertip biting into my delicate skin and yelled his release into my soaking wet pussy. He slowly got up when he was finished, leaving me to sleep in a giant wet mess until morning…. neither one of us ever brought this up again after that night.

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