Forced sex stories of Rapemance and Romance

Forced sex stories weren’t something I always knew would turn me on. I remember the first time I actually watched my first, of many forced sex stories. I was young, I’m almost ashamed to say how young, so I won’t (if you are curious to give me a call maybe we can have some naughty age play phone sex). It all started with a teenage girl walking down a street, the music was dark. Cars rushed by as this beautiful girl slowly waked, then the screen changed to someone peering out of the window, watching her.

The camera angle never moved, the watchers neck slowly shifted as the beautiful girl walked out of sight. Flash forward to the next day of forced sex stories, and the girl has her long black hair all down and wild, a tiny baby tee on, with a very short jean micro mini. She’s chewing bubble gum and popping it as she walks. The guy is on his porch now watching her, as she walks toward his house- he waves. The beautiful brunette smiles and waves back.

Moving her hair from her eyes, she looks down at some papers she is carrying, bites her lip and proceeds to approach the man.

She is trying to sell something for school so she can win money, or a prize or something. He shakes his head and tells her he needs to go get his checkbook and invites her in. Her face and body language suggested that she was reluctant, but she goes in anyway. She turns to close the door behind her, and he snatches her upholding his hand over her mouth, breathing her hair in.

Smelling her scent. With one hand over her mouth, the other begins to explore her tight body, squeezing her perky orbs, and navigating down to that fresh sweet mound. I’m now reminded of the way he forced her legs open and he discovered her white cotton panties, I can still hear the need and greed in his raspy deep voice telling her that if she did exactly as she was told he may let her leave, but only if she was a good girl. This hot little fantasy would make a great start to some yummy humiliation phone sex, yeah?

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