Forced Sex Stories – Raped by a Dominant Intruder

This is one of my forced sex stories and it’s the ultimate rape fantasy. If you like taboo phone sex and fetish phone sex then this is the story you want to read.

The Hotel – Interior

You and your boyfriend decided to spend a kinky weekend at a local hotel away from your families. You agree to be the submissive one first, and let him handcuff you to the headboard. He blindfolds you while he goes downstairs to get some liquor to wash down the roofies he is going to give you.

He forgets his room key, so he leaves the door slightly open. I am sitting at the bar, and overhear him bragging to the bartender about his hot girlfriend. He gives his room number to the bartender and goes to the bathroom before going back to the room.

In the meantime…..

I take the bottle of champagne off the bar and bring it upstairs to your room and lock the door. I put the do not disturb tag on the handle. Thinking that your boyfriend is back, you start yelling at him why it took so long, and you are having second thoughts about being drugged.

I don’t say a word, but sit on the edge of the bed and start stroking your bare tits while popping the bottle of champagne. You hear me pour two glasses. I notice the pills on the end table and figure I’ll put one in your glass to see what happens.

You start to get an eerie feeling that the hands grabbing your tits are different than your boyfriend and start questioning who I am. At that moment, I pour the entire glass of champagne down your throat, and you almost choke on the roofie. I make sure to grab your chin and close your mouth so that you swallow everything.

You scream that you didn’t want to take a roofie…

And now that I realize what that pill was, I pour a second glass and drug you some more. I then lay on top of you and start grinding against your naked body. While you struggle to escape your handcuffs, you hear a banging on the door with your boyfriend screaming for you to open up.  Such an idiot, did he forget how he left you.

Anyway, I notice the ballgag on the end table and put it on you while I answer the door with the chain on it so he cannot get in. I then tell him he must have the wrong room and to go to the lobby to find out what room he should be in.

You now realize that the rape fantasy is not such a fantasy anymore. I take your ball gag off and finally start talking to you. Telling you that you need to be quiet or else I will put the gag back in your mouth. I then pinch your nose so you open your mouth and shove my dick right into your throat. By this time,  you’re starting to be affected by the roofies, and are forgetting who is violating you.

I become your boyfriend…

You start calling me by your boyfriend’s name and let me have my way with you. Although you intermittently understand this is a total stranger raping you. It wasn’t what you planned, but I eventually introduce you to anal sex, and it really hurts.

After what seems like forever, I pull out and cum in your mouth, and you never swallowed with your boyfriend, but have no choice with me. I finish up, get dressed, and leave the room without you having any idea what I look like. I leave the door open like it was before, take off the do not disturb tag, and when your boyfriend comes back and sees you all drugged up and exhausted, he doesn’t understand what happened. You are way too sore and upset to let him violate you for one of his forced sex stories!

This was one of my favorite forced sex stories! I hope you liked it, too! Call me for some hot phone sex fun!

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