Forced Sex Stories: I Raped Him And He Got Me Pregnant!

Dear Perverts, have you ever fantasized about forced sex from a woman? Forced sex stories about a man are common because men feel entitled to sex from women. But what happens when the tables get turned?

Listen, I know there’s a double standard here. When a man forces a woman into sex, it’s the typical pathetic, macho rape scenario. But men always say, I would love it if a woman raped me. But would you really? Because if you would love it, then it’s not really rape. If you want to be raped, it’s not rape. When men really mean is I wish a woman would initiate sex. But initiating sex and forcing sex aren’t the same thing, dummies. So think about it. Would you really love to get raped by a woman? Even if the consequences were extreme? Like getting blackmailed into paying for an abortion later?

Does getting raped by a woman sound so fun now? I bet you sickos already have your cocks in your hands thinking about it, don’t you? Most people imagine forced sex stories involving strange man following a woman walking alone at night. Mine is not like that at all. For fans of rape and impregnation fantasies, you might be pleased. Of course, names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent…as far as you know.

When I met Seth, he was a young married attorney going through a divorce.

He had that delicious pent up sexual tension you expect from a good looking, horny, married man whose wife refuses to fuck him. You know how I love a married man; Seth was the first one who made me say out loud, “I don’t care that you’re married, I want you anyway”…and guess what he said the first time?


“I really want to, Justice, but I can’t do that.” Perhaps this is where my rampage began. I’m not sure why, but even the smallest amount of rejection fuels most of my forced sex stories. I start wanting more of the thing I can’t have. It’s the spoiled brat in me, I guess.


When Seth was finally single and finally drunk enough, I had him in my clutches. We hooked up and it was…just okay.

He still wouldn’t just let loose. He was so fucking hot and so fucking uptight. Everything was always, “I want to, but…” or just flat out, “I can’t do that, Justice”. But the thing was, he always wanted to. I could feel it. He always wanted it. But he was always saying no. No matter how sweet or aggressive or subtle I was, he was always saying no. He even took me out on dates and at the end of the date, would say, “I want to, Justice, you know I do. But…” It called for desperate measures. Because he was showing up, but he wasn’t putting out and frankly, I was getting more than a little bit frustrated. The hottest forced sex stories always involve a nice big dollop of sexual frustration, don’t they?

We met up on a weekend out of town with some friends and the alcohol was flowing.

I could always tell when Seth was starting to get ideas in his head that he didn’t have the balls to act out. But tonight was different, I guess. The carnal tension took over. I hadn’t planned to do what I did, but I was totally overcome with sexual frustration. Seth was a moving target. He always acted like he wanted to be forced into being bad. So I forced him into being very bad. At the end of the night, he asked me to spend the night in his bed, so I agreed thinking, maybe he’s getting his shit together…But as you know, this is one of my forced sex stories, not a vanilla sex story. It gets a little bit more interesting from here. 


We barely had the door closed before he was kissing me, his hand up my dress, fingers in my pussy, desperate to get me off. But that wasn’t what I wanted.

He was confused why I made him stop. The reason why was because I wanted to get my mouth around his cock right away – THAT was what was going to make my pussy wet. So I got his pants off and sucked his cock greedily, desperately…and it was absolutely rock hard, which made me throb. I just knew if I fucked a cock that hard, horny as I was, I was going to have a killer orgasm. That orgasm had to be mine, I wanted to cum so badly. I’m entitled to this orgasm, I thought. It didn’t occur to me that he’d mind.

I pushed him back on the bed, got on top of him and slid his cock inside of me. He muttered something about not having a condom and I said it’s okay…and I kept riding his cock. He enjoyed himself for a couple minutes before he realized what I meant was that I was going to let him cum inside me.

“Are you on birth control?” Surprise!

“No.” The look of horror on his face.


“Justice, I really want to do this, but…”

when those words left his mouth, I kicked into high gear and pinned him down and started riding him harder. He started saying no and trying to throw me off of him, but it felt too good, he was getting close, he was weak. I put my hand over his mouth and started rubbing my clit.

“You are gonna make me fucking cum with this cock tonight and I don’t care what else happens”

I finally got relief from my frustration. Finally. I rode him deep and hard and I released a big, gushing orgasm all over that nice cock he’d been keeping from me for so long. Finally. Then I kept fucking him, something in my mind had switched, I wanted to punish him for saying no all of those times. Punish him by making him cum inside me. Punish him by making him get me pregnant, perhaps.


My tight pussy paralyzed poor Seth. He was in shock. This guy really hated consequences, always being such a good boy.

The fact that I was putting him at so much risk was absolutely mortifying for him. But then…then there’s the cock. The cock always has other plans. The cock is on fire and wants to cum deep in a perfect, tight pussy that knows exactly how to work it. Seth wanted me to drain him of all of that cum. His cock was ready to explode and at any point, if I had stopped he could have cum outside of me as fucking turned on as he was…but you know he didn’t really want to. Just this once. Maybe she won’t get pregnant. I can fill her pussy just this once and it will be okay…it was already happening…

Let me tell you, Seth came ropes and ropes inside me.

I could feel his cock convulsing, heaving as he filled my pussy with all of that cum. He instantly regretted it. He really didn’t want to do it in the first place. That was the last of my concerns. I just wanted that cock and I wanted him to stop being such a fucking child about giving it to me. “That was a bad idea. That was a very bad idea.” I swear sometimes men really are the new women.

“It’s fine, Seth, don’t worry about it.” Just like a man would say after raping a woman. Except it’s never really fine, is it, perverts?


Three weeks later, my period was late.

I met up with Seth and he immediately knew. He showed up with an envelope of $100s, face lined with stress. He handed it to me and said, “Listen, Justice, I don’t want anyone finding out about this.”

“They won’t, Seth. I won’t tell anyone.” Obviously, I lied about this since it’s on the internet now.

“Let me know if you need anything else, there’s a little extra for you, I just…I can’t have people finding out about this.” We parted ways and when I got to my car I couldn’t stop laughing. I love when a man pays handsomely for a night of hot, risky sex!


The best phone sex is no limits phone sex, don’t you think? Do you love forced sex stories? Have an impregnation fantasy? My imagination knows no bounds, we can do it all. I’m ready for you. Call me up for some wild, anything goes fun!

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