Generally, everyone feels pretty bad for the good guys. That is what the stories all focus around. The majority of the time people even forget that the Storm Troopers are people too. Sure, a lot of them are taken from their home at young ages. However like you will find out in the forced sex stories trooper blog, they still go through their own problems. After all, there is a Storm Trooper initiation day. The day in which regardless of a troopers sexual status, they are forced to take on cocks bigger than them. Then,  they will know the true way to bow down to their superior officers.

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The day for these troopers starts off seemingly like any other day. They get out of bed, brush their teeth and then put on their white multi-piece suits and helmets. However, for the new guys in the group that is where they start experiencing their fetish phone sex trials. Instantly superior officers in the trooper ranks pull them from their bunks and force them onto their knees. One at a time the troopers are made to expose themselves to their superior officer. For those with cocks 8 inches or longer, they may go about their day. However, little dicks are stripped of their uniform.

Little dicks are humiliated and publically shamed.

All of the little dicks are then paraded around the ship with their hands behind their heads and their microscopic dicks sticking from their pants. The ships women begin to line up to point and laugh at them, reminding them how they will be worthless to any real women. Then, to show the true less the tiniest cock in the bunch is chosen. He is forced in front of all the others down onto his knees. It is here that he is forced to suck cock and give his little bitch ass hole over to them. He is now the troops personal pussy bitch. After all, real men need to blow off steam on missions.

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