Forced sex stories #4465: I rode his cock after he orgasmed until I forced him to cum AGAIN.

He loved knowing he was going to be starring in the next installment of my forced sex stories. It was part of our arrangement. He’d wanted to fuck me (again) for years, and I told him there was only one way I’d let him inside my divine cunt: forcing him to have multiple orgasms.

Have you ever had a woman fuck your cock senseless while you’re all tied up? There’s nothing quite like it. And there’s nothing more excruciating than her NOT getting off, not giving your post-coitus dick a break. It amused tme to see the expressions he made while I kept riding him, hard, fast, deep. He really went through the full range of emotion! Ha ha.

He tried to stave off his first orgasm as long as he could. That amused me too. Why bother? I’m still going to push you to your second climax anyway. And it’s still going to be pretty uncomfortable . . . no matter how long you hold off cumming the first time. Silly boys!

Once we made it past the initial anguish of me riding his slowly un-flaccid dick again until he was finally Erect, Round 2, things got hotter. I loved seeing how turned on he was. The gleam in his eyes was perfect sub space, mindless and mindful of the power of his Mistress.

But of course, it also turned me on to know I was pushing him to his limits, then past them. All good taboo phone sex does that, you know. It’ll hurt at first, but that second orgasm is going to blow your fucking mind. You’re welcum.

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