Forced sex stories are Kelsey’s favorite

What kind of forced sex stories turn you on? I haven’t spoke of that night until now. We had just won a big away game and we were getting back on the bus. The football players and us cheerleaders were celebrating the win with a little alcohol the boys had snuck on the bus. They passed the bottle to me and I took a couple of swigs because I didn’t wanna look like a scared bitch. It was my first drink and it didn’t take long for me to start feeling a little different. The boys decided to play a little game of truth or dare. I played along with the guys and one of my girlfriends.

The first dare went to my girlfriend and she had to flash her tits to the whole team. I was shocked but then I was dared to do the same. My girlfriend lifted my shirt before I could act on my dare flashing my tits to the team. We kissed for our second dare. I guess the alcohol was kicking in at this point because we followed through. When I started feeling a little light headed so the guys cleared a seat for me in the back to lay down. I thought they were just being sweet until they started sliding their hands up my uniform. It was hard to fight them off with the drinking I had done. Maybe this was the plan all along.

Three took out their cocks and rubbed them all over my face. They forced sex on me flipping me over and forcing their cocks in me. My tight teen pussy was full of cocks. I couldn’t tell you how many went inside me because I was flipped on my stomach and held down. They kept me muffled by shoving cocks in my mouth every time I opened up. The other guys blocked the narrow path and view so no one could see what they were doing to me. What do you think about my forced sex stories? It would make for a great teen role play! Call me for all your teen phone sex fantasies.

Kinky Kelsey