Forced sex stories with your ebony Queen usually stems from a place of cruel punishment for the ever disgusting worthless male appendage. However, every once in a while it is not about the immediate delivery for me. Every once in a while I like to get a man to a certain spot of mutual clarity before I bring him to his ultimate humiliation. It isn’t the cock sucking that is going to be humiliating for him though. No, that would be the fact that while the THC is in your system and you have the head of another man stuffed into the back of your throat you will have a moment of clarity.

Forced Sex Stories: Get High While I Fuck Your Butt!

You so very much like being a little bitch. In fact, every time the two of us get together and I begin to roll that tight joint of Mary Jane your little tiny useless cunt is going to begin to feel real good. You know with every hit of cannabis that enters into your system I will grow more and more ready to force your face onto the bulging erect penis of one of my friends. After all, you talking with your mouth full makes me laugh little butt slut.

How very eager you are to impress me.

You hardly even notice me forcing more and more weed into your system. Puff, puff pass for a hot babe like me is nothing. However, we know that you and the wife to not get to smoking very many joints these days. So, it does not take very long to get into your system. That means even less time till you are begging me to fuck you deep inside of your pathetic ass. Yes, little bitch. You can bend over and receive every last inch of me. After all, you screaming like a little bitch is such entertainment while I am high!

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