Forced Sex makes me ready to please my Master.  So, when he came home from work muttering to himself, I knew I was in for a rough night. “That fucking bitch, making me work on the Newman report over the weekend so she can  go to fucking Hawaii!”

“Slave Joey! Get your ass in here!” he yelled.

Crawling into the living room on my hands and knees; naked as the day I was born, I presented myself to him.  But, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. So, as he took his clothes off, he reached up on the wall and pulled down the ping pong paddle and the 9″ long silver bullet.”Open your mouth, pet” he commanded.  “Now, not a word, bitch” he said, as he brought the ping pong paddle down hard onto my ass. With a mouth full of cock, I managed a whimper instead of a scream as he smacked my naked ass again and again.

In addition, pulling me up by my hair, he dragged me to his big easy chair; and as he sat down he said: “Now slide that perfect fucking cunt onto my cock, slut”. And as I did what he ordered, I could feel his hands pulling my ass cheeks apart. Then, just as I was getting into a nice rhythm sliding up and down on his slippery prick; he slammed that silver bullet up my tight ass.  But, I couldn’t help myself and I squirted all over his cock, belly, chair, and carpet.  “Ohh, Joey, you’re going to pay for that!” he said.

So, if you want to know what the price of Forced Sex was, just call me. Wink. 
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Forced Sex