Forced sex, He Only Gave Me What I Wanted! Part One

Jose, I think you are bullying my son and I want it to stop immediately. This eighteen-year-old boy who I knew was almost certainly a part of one of the most dangerous gangs, frightened me. Even though I am your teacher I am his Mother and I will bring this up to the principle but I am appealing to you to please stop this! I begged him but trying to sound confident and authoritative.

He grinned and leaned in toward me. Don’t worry I will make sure it stops just for you Simone, but you have to do something for me! I saw the raw hunger in his eyes and knew exactly what he wanted. Absolutely NOT I protested and backed away from him.

He closed the space between us and said in a soft voice. Simone, if you don’t want to see your son in a coma then I suggest you come to this address tonight at seven sharp! I don’t like to be kept waiting.

His eyes were cold!

He turned to walk out. I said I will tell my husband about this. He is very influential and is running for Mayor. We will get the cops involved. He stopped at the door and turned. There was a coldness in his eyes and his face was hard. He no longer looked like a thug teenager. He instead looked like a hardened criminal.

If you tell your husband not only would the scandal kill his career but if he interferes with me and you. I will have his hands delivered to you in a box! Do you understand?

After he left I fell into my chair visibly shaken. Of course, he was right! I had everything to fear and yet a part of me was stirred at how frightened he made me.

He slammed the door in my face!

I knocked on the door to a run-down house in the bad part of town. A large man opened the door and asked me what the fuck I wanted. I stammered feeling as if I needed to run. Jose, I am here to see him. He slammed the door in my face.

I turned to run back to my car feeling like I had been released yet somehow disappointed. The door opened and Jose’s voice stopped me. Come inside! That was all he said, one simple command.

Inside I could hear the moaning and grunting of sex. The smell of cum and pot was strong in the air. There was another smell that frightened me. The smell of gunpowder.

He ushered me upstairs, at first I refused but his hand squeezing my arm told me I no longer had a choice.

Inside what appeared to be his room, he told me I was to never be in the room wearing clothes. I slowly started removing my clothes. He then demanded I lay back on the bed.

Jose began sucking and licking my clit!

I followed all his demands like I was moving heavily through a dream. As he knelt between my legs and handed me my phone just before eating my pussy. Call your husband and don’t get us caught. I dialed the number not knowing what I was supposed to say. Just as Fred picked up the phone, Jose began licking and sucking my clit. I gasped and shivered.

Fred asked what was wrong there were concern and aggravation in his voice. Nothing, I stammered, I dropped something on my toe just now. What were you calling for Simone, you know I am very busy. I just wanted to remind you of George’s game today and how important it is to him that you be there! Yes, yes, of course, I will meet you there. He did not even say goodbye just hung up. I dropped the phone and arched my back thrilling at how wonderful Jose’s tongue felt on my sensitive pussy!

After making me cum harder than I ever have before, he knelt between my legs and pushing them far back and lifting them over his shoulders he thrust his HUGE 12-inch cock deep inside of me. One long hard thrust I took him all and I screamed. He ripped my tender flesh apart. Squeezing inside my hot wet pussy he thrust again and again until he cum deep inside me!

I am now owned by Jose, I am his submissive. Do you want to know more about our story? Or perhaps you want to dominate me and take control.

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