Forced Sex in the fucked up FUNHOUSE – No Fun but lots of CUM

Forced sex at a funhouse? How the fuck does this happen, you ask? Well, this is a true story, a true forced sex story.

All Alone, waiting for my turn
The cart came around, I hopped in
“Riding by yourself?”
I nodded my head
“No…no, your too young to ride alone Ben will ride with you- BEN!!”
A guy a few years older than me hopped in the cart beside me
” You scared?” he grinned.
” Not really” I offered back.
We started into the clown’s toothy grimace
 I laughed
It was pitch black
And then the sinister giggling started
I felt someone hand brush gently against my shoulder
I slid in closer to Ben
” Gets worse,” He said
I buried my face in his shoulder
His hand reached around and groped my tit.

I looked at him through the strobe, and over the roaring of the chainsaw

He squeezed gently, I didn’t stop him. I knew there was no need, he looked like the kind of guy that was into forced sex.
He came in close ” Your so pretty” His hands gripping, and roaming.
“Still scared?”
I shook my head yes this time
” I’ll take your mind off of it, want me to?”
I just stared…
” Shhhhh”
He Rubbed my thigh
His fingers soft, and gentle
He moved upwards
lightly touching the outside of my panties
Just then, a man SCREAMED, running by our cart.
I slammed my legs around his hand
He pried my legs open. Vigorously rubbing at my fuzzy snatch
I said no.
He clamped his hand over my mouth,
” Shhhh, you’ll like it”
I blew my breath hard through his hand, making my cheeks inflate with air
He squeezed my face hard
” Shut up you little Bitch!” he said through a hard whisper.
Shoving his fingers deep into me
He fumbled with his zipper
Dragging my wet juices, and touching his cock.
” Yes, mmmmmm fuccckkkkk”
He humped my thigh, fingers sliding hard into me
I stared at him, my eyes welling up with tears

” Shhhh, pretty girl Shhhhh”

Forced sex in this funhouse, with this, fucked-up carny!- no one will believe me
He came, his body shuddered, leaving a naughty puddle on my leg
and I remember the Skeleton falling from the ceiling
I could see the strings he was suspended from.
He swiped his cum up in his hand and wiped it on the underside of my skirt.
The cart Came to a blunt stop
Ben smiled
” Don’t tell pretty girl, you won’t like what happens if you do”
And I never did, until now.

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