Forced Sex: Your Daughter’s Sweet Little Best Friend

Your Daughter’s Best Friend

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you went downstairs and saw her pretty little teeny body, only dressed in a t-shirt and little panties? I bet you have thought about pushing your big, rock hard cock into that tiny, tight, hairless little pussy, without her having any idea that you were about to do it? Wouldn’t you want to have forced sex with that little pussy, because it just seems so unwilling? Ask permission later, not now? Well, rest easy guys, because I have just the story for you!

She was his daughter’s friend, so young, so naive, so innocent.

Always prancing around the house, never seeming to notice what she was doing to him when she was wearing those stockings and that short little skirt. Her name was Carter. She was his best friend’s daughter. She has been around him for so long. He watched her grow up and blossom into quite the stunning young lady, and it was time that he collected his dues. He waited until his daughter was asleep, and when she went into the kitchen for a glass of water, he took his opportunity.

She was leaning over the sink turning on the faucet.

He took his chance. He walked behind, and pinned her to the sink, placing his hand over her mouth so that she wouldn’t be able to scream. With a quick tug, he ripped her panties off and pressed the head of his cock against the opening of her tight little pussy. In one swift motion, he shoved the entire length of his cock into her, feeling her gasp underneath his hands. He thrusts his cock into her again and slowly pulls it out. Her best friend’s dad starts pumping her, pounding her.

He feels that familiar feeling as he nears his climax. With one more deep plunge of his cock, he bursts inside of her, drenching her in his hot, sticky load. He has gotten his fill, and with that, he pulls his cock back into his shorts. He leaves her bending over the sink to revel in the sinful pleasure of it.

I want to hear your fantasies. (;

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