A forced sex abduction is so much better with an accomplice!

Do you remember the night you brought me home for a forced sex abduction? I do. I remember every terrifying detail, and yet one aspect sticks in my mind the most: how primal you were. You looked at me with such hatred and disgust that night, Sir. From the moment you pulled me, bound and shrieking, from the trunk of your car to the moment you tore through my hymen, there was only one thought on your mind: claiming my body as your own.

I hated you back then, Sir. For weeks you kept me on the brink of sanity, fucking me each day as my will to live slowly evaporated with my tears. God, there were so many tears. I had almost completely given up when you offered me my salvation, so, with my body aching and bleeding, I accepted. I have loved you from that moment on. Since then, my new life by your side has been glorious, Sir.

So this weekend when you asked me to find you a new virgin to ruin, I was eager to satisfy. Of course, that meant disposing of your old toy’s body, but with the lovely wood chipper you bought for me, I was basically just going to have to make more fertilizer for my roses! So considerate of you!

 Time to find the perfect girl for our forced sex abduction!

December is always a wonderful time for us. Wearing a modest dress with some very flat and unflattering shoes, I look like a respectable member of any congregation. All the better for abducting you, my dear! No one would even guess that I’m a phone sex operatorThis weekend I chose to go to a local soup kitchen to find some unloved fuck toy to drug and slip off with. The hardest part of picking these girls is finding a virgin.

Last year I made the mistake of taking my trophy’s word for it, we’ll never forget that punishment, will we, Sir?  It took days for me to recover. 48 hours with a vibrator on my clit wasn’t even close to being as much fun as I thought it would be…

So now, every time I pick a girl, I go as young as possible, AND I take her somewhere private to look at her for myself. If she’s intact she goes to Master. If she’s a filthy lying whore…

The one I picked this weekend is going to have the privilege of meeting you, Sir.

She passed every inspection I could think of. Even when I used the internal camera to check her pussy! Once I scrubbed her of the layers of street filth covering her she even had a bit of innocence to her. Her big doe eyes are really going to drive you wild, Sir. And of course, she’s got long silky hair, just like you requested. The only thing you may not like is that she’s very disrespectful.

Once she realized she had no choice in this forced sex abduction she became so lewd that I had to gag her. I guess we’ll never know what other nasty names she wanted to call us. She probably had some good ones lined up, too!

I can’t wait to play with this one, Sir! Call me soon and we can figure out what kinky femdom punishment to give that little bitch! Anything you want, Sir. Anything.

Best Phone Sex