Forced Sex

God help me I love this yet I hate this… forced sex my wife makes me do… the cum eating. I should never have discussed cuckolding with my wife. I loved the idea of her taking lovers, telling me the details as I fuck her already used pussy. That isn’t what happened.

My wife’s boyfriend was a little hesitant about fucking her in our bed, particularly when he knew I was home. Did not stop him from doing it. My wife never gave it any thought. She wanted his cock inside her. She didn’t care if they were alone or not. One day, she decided to ease her boyfriend’s mind. She didn’t like even the slightest distraction when he was fucking her.

She brought us both into the bedroom and had us strip naked. Now I was the one uncomfortable, stripping down in front of my wife’s lover. Smiling, she reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me over next to her boyfriend. Just that act of grabbing my cock and pulling me over made me hard. That made her laugh. Letting go she gleefully pointed out that even while soft, her boyfriend’s cock was bigger than my erect cock.

Smiling wickedly, she pushed me to my knees.

Telling me that hierarchy needed to be established, that there could be no doubt or confusion over who was the primary and dominant man in the house, she pushed my head forward and made me take her boyfriend’s cock into my mouth.

I panicked when I felt it grow in my mouth, but she kept her hand on my head and kept my head on his cock. She told me she was going to make me suck it, make it cum on my mouth, make me swallow his cum. That, she said, would make it clear that I was secondary in the house, that he was the dominant male, that everything, even her body, was his.

Then, she laughed, just to make sure that I understood the message and my status, she was going to make me suck his cock fully hard again so that he could fuck her right now.

From then on, when she got a new boyfriend, I was made to lie naked on the bed, my small cock clearly visible. She has her boy toy kneel next to my head, his much larger cock flopped down over my face. With my wife laughing on the other side of me, I have to open my lips, let his cock rest on them and on my face.

I am not to lick or suck him, she does that. She teases his cock, not really sucking it, but licking the head, exciting and arousing it as it lies across my face. I can feel her tongue brush my lips or cheek as she licks his cock against my face.

Eventually, she coaxes his cock to cum.

When it does, it spurts all over my face and into my open mouth. I have to lay, passive, neither helping or preventing it. Once he is done cumming I have to swallow what dripped in my mouth and then take his soft cock into my mouth.

Now I do have to actively suck him. My tongue and my lips have to caress and stroke him, have to excite and arouse him. I have to suck him back to full hardness. Once he is hard, I have to kiss his balls and beg him to use his large hard cock to satisfy my wife.

She would then straddle my head, have him take her from behind. I would lick her pussy as he pleased her with his cock, pausing after he came inside her to open my mouth wide as he pulled out. After his cum had finished dripping into my open mouth I leaned back up to lick my wife until she was satisfied.

What I really hate about all this, is how very many of them there are and how many more i wish there were… I crave it now.

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